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October, 6, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Noodle Day – This is a day to eat noodles in any form. My daughters will love this day. I swear they would eat nothing but noodles if I let them.

Change A Light Day – This is a day to make a change for the good of the environment. Change at least one of your old light bulbs to one of the new energy efficient light bulbs. Even though they tend to be more expensive than the old bulbs, they will end up saving you money over the long term.

Jackie Mayer Rehab Day –
This is a day to honor Jacquelyn Jeanne Mayer, Miss America 1963. Ms. Mayer had a stroke in 1970, at the age of 28 years old, and worked hard for seven years to regain her speech and mobility. On this day in 1997, a rehab and nursing facility of Providence Hospital was renamed the Jackie Mayer Rehab Center. 

Mad Hatter Day –
This is a day to collect hats, or monetary donations that will go to purchase hats, for children with cancer. 

National German-American Day –
This is a day to celebrate your German American heritage. This day was chosen because it was on this day in 1683 that thirteen German families landed in Philadelphia. They founded Germantown, Pennsylvania which became the first German settlement in America. This day was created in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan in order to honor the 300th anniversary of German American culture in the United States.

World Communion Day - Celebrated on the first Sunday in October, this is a day for Christians all over the world to come together in faith to remember and affirm Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church.

Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day – This is a day to celebrate inns, innkeepers and visitors to Bed & Breakfasts in North America. Some of them celebrate this weekend with special rates so if you happen to be enjoying a B&B today, ask about that.

To celebrate today, head to church for Communion. When you get home change a light bulb so that you can be sure to have enough light to read about Jackie Mayer's life story of perseverance. Then have some noodles in a German style meal for lunch. Then you can research a B&B for a future vacation and donate a hat for kids with cancer. 

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