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August 25, 2016

Today we celebrate:

National Banana Split Day According to Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the banana split was invented in 1904 by David Evans Strickler, an apprentice Pharmacist at Tassel Pharmacy. Wilmington, Ohio disagrees as you read right here on June 13th. You might be wondering why a pharmacist was messing around in the kitchen. The answer would be that this particular pharmacy, as was common at that time, had a soda fountain in it. Soda fountains served lots of ice cream, snacks and sodas. It is also important to note that bananas were a new food at the time since they had just begun to be imported to this country. That would be why this was a very innovative idea at the time.

Founders Day – On this day in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act which was basically a mission statement for the National Park Service that had also just been created. There are probably some celebratory activities going on in the National Park near you especially since it is the 100th anniversary this year. People like to do it up big on anniversaries like that.

Kiss and Make Up Day – On this day, give up all your grudges and arguments and squabbles. It is time to kiss and make up with whomever you are upset with, whether it's your spouse or your sibling or a friend or that person who is driving so darn slow in front of you and making you late for work.

National Second-hand Wardrobe Day – This is a day for recycling clothes. Clothes do not have to be purchased brand new in order to be worn by you or your kids. You can get some great deals at thrift shops, consignment shops and second-hand stores. You can also hand clothes down from kid to kid and even give them to friends for their kids. Use them until they cannot be used anymore before you throw them away.

National Whiskey Sour Day – Celebrated by most on this day, but some celebrate on the 29th of August. There is recipe here at the Cocktail Enthusiast if you are interested in trying it.

August 24, 2016

Today we celebrate:

International Day Against Intolerance, Discrimination and Violence Based on Musical Preferences, Lifestyle and Dress Code - Long name, even longer explanation. On this day in 2007, Sophie Lancaster died because she was a goth. That is not something that normally should lead to a death sentence, but the people who attacked her and her boyfriend and beat them both, apparently thought differently. Sophie died from her injuries at the very young age of 20. We need to lighten up a bit people. Fashion, and other personal preferences, changes over time for society and for individuals it changes as you age. You don’t see too many 80 year old goths or hippies which was the fashion when I was a child. If there is really something that you can’t stand badly enough that you feel you need to strike out against others, just take a breath and have some patience. It will change, and you will change, and they will change. We are all people and none of us have the right to take the life of people who make choices we disagree with. Agree to disagree, it can work. I do it every day with my kids and my husband and I haven’t killed any of them yet, even though my husband is convinced that I keep trying.

International Strange Music Day - Begun by Patrick Grant, a professional musician who founded Strange Music Inc, this is a day to “listen to a CD you never heard before, just for the hell of it.” You never know when you are going to hear something that you absolutely love, and while I’m not suggesting you abandon the big artists that you love and hear all the time, it’s a good thing to support the struggling artists who are doing what they love and hoping to make a living.

National Waffle Day – Back in March, we had International Waffle Day, but this day is just for the United States of America because we love our waffles so much that we really don't want to share them this time.

Weather Complaint Day - People LOVE to complain about the weather, hot or cold with those words meaning different things to different people. For example, people in southern California will complain if it’s 50 degrees F, but in February, that temperature is shorts & t-shirt weather for people living in Michigan. People can even break the ice and start a conversation with a complete stranger by using weather because it’s something to which everyone can relate.

National Knife Day - I could not find out who created this day or why. It seems to be a day to appreciate and utilize knives because without them, life would be pretty difficult. There was a time when a person needed a knife in order to survive. They were used for almost everything people had to do in pioneer days and before. Nowadays, we could probably get along pretty well with other tools for most things, but cooking would definitely be a challenge. That’s what I use my knives for most often.

National Peach Pie Day – A couple of days ago we had National Eat A Peach Day and could eat peaches in any form we wished. Well, today is also for peaches, but today you must eat them in a pie. I mean, the peaches have to be in the pie, not you. Although if you are ambitious enough to make a person sized pie, I say have at it and make sure you send me a picture.

Pluto Demoted Day – On this day in 2006, Pluto was demoted. It is no longer considered a planet and instead is considered by scientists to be a “dwarf planet”. It was a sad, sad day for all of us. That same year, NASA sent a spacecraft to Pluto to take some pictures and send them back to us. It took a few years for the spacecraft to get there but it finally did just a few months ago and that was pretty exciting for all the space enthusiasts out there. That was a big, expensive project and demotion or not, NASA was committed to see it through. However, if Pluto was demoted sooner, I wonder if NASA would have bothered to go look at it.

Vesuvius Day – On this day in 79 A.D., Mount Vesuvius, in Southern Italy, awoke from its’ centuries long sleep and erupted causing the devastation of Pompeii and Herculaneum and killed thousands of people. The ones who evacuated immediately survived, but approximately 2,000 people hid in cellars and buildings hoping the volcano would stop and leave them be. They died in the toxic cloud that descended upon them and were buried when the flow of rock and ash followed. Today some 700,000 people live around Mt. Vesuvius which hasn't had a major eruption in about 400 years. I'm not sure that location would be my choice for a retirement home.

William Wilberforce Day – Born on this day in 1759, William Wilberforce was a politician, philanthropist and one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement who worked tirelessly to put an end to the British slave trade for twenty six years. When the Slave Trade Act of 1807 was passed, abolishing the slave trade, he began working to abolish slavery completely in the British Empire. He died three days after he was sure the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 was going to pass.

August 23, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Buttered Corn Day - There is nothing like a big ear of buttered sweet corn. I can’t tell you why it’s called an ear of corn, that seems kind of ridiculous to me although I’m sure there is a reason for it to be found somewhere on the internet.

Hug Your Sweetheart Day - This should be something you do every day that you are with your sweetheart. But this day in particular is a day to hug your sweetheart and let him or her know how much you care about them, and how much you think about them every day.

Ride The Wind Day - This is a day to relax and let the wind carry you wherever it may. Some good ways to do that are going for a ride in a hot air balloon, jumping out of an airplane and parachuting gently to the ground, hang gliding, or taking a ride in a sailboat.

European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism - Sometimes known as Black Ribbon Day, this is a day for remembering victims of totalitarian regimes. It was created by the European Parliament in 2008 & 2009 and has been observed by the European Union ever since. The day was chosen because it is the day of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939, a non-aggression agreement between the USSR and Nazi Germany which also divided several countries into German and Soviet “spheres of influence” with the understanding that country lines would be altered in the future and they would absorb these countries. It was broken in 1941 by the Germans.

National Spongecake Day – This is a day to make a fluffy, spongy cake. I like to eat cake like this with strawberries and whipped cream, but there are a multitude of other options out there.

International Day For The Remembrance Of The Slave Trade & Its Abolition – Created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this is a day to remember the inhumanity of the transatlantic slave trade. It was on this day in 1791, that a revolt began in Haiti which set in motion events that eventually culminated in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade in 1807 in Great Britain and in 1808 in America. Something that was certainly a step in the right direction toward ending slavery in America although that took a lot longer.

Valentino Day – On this day in 1926, Rudolph Valentino, an enormously popular star of the silent-screen died because of a ruptured ulcer at the very young age of 31 years old. He was Hollywood's first sex symbol and was idolized by millions of female fans.

August 22, 2016

Today we celebrate:

National Pecan Torte Day – Although torte means cake in some languages, torte is actually more dense than a traditional cake. In a pecan torte you use ground up pecans instead of flour. Try making one today to see how different it is from the pecan pie you made two days ago.

National Eat A Peach Day – Today is a day to eat a peach. If you have access to a peach tree, you know that they are best right off the tree. Otherwise, a farmer's market is your next best option. If you can get a few and make them into a dessert, that is better still. Peach cobbler anyone? I miss the peach tree I had when I lived in Texas. We made a lot of peach cobblers and peach butter.

National Take Your Cat To The Vet DayThis is the day to take your cat to the vet for a visit. It doesn't matter if you have an appointment, they'll be happy to see you just to say hello to your wonderful cat and your cat will appreciate not having to have any shots or unpleasantness like that. Of course, if your cat needs an appointment, then it's the perfect day to make one.

National Tooth Fairy Day – Also celebrated on February 28th, this is a day to honor that magical little fairy who comes to your house in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, sneaks into your children's bedrooms, and steals their teeth from under their pillows. If you think about it too much, it becomes creepy and you will want to upgrade your home security system. So don't think about it, just thank him/her for keeping your children happy with his/her little gifts.

Be An Angel Day – On this day we need to do our best to be an angel for somebody or even many somebodies if you are ambitious. Random acts of kindness; helpfulness in all things; going out of your way to make someone feel special; these are only some of the ways you can be an angel today.