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March 17, 2018

Today we celebrate:

Doctor-Patient Trust Day - This is all about the importance of trust. If a patient does not trust their doctor to make good healthcare decisions and a doctor does not trust a patient to give him/her accurate information upon which he/she can base those decisions, the relationship is not going to work and the patient is going to suffer. Shop around until you find a doctor you trust and be absolutely honest when you answer their questions and tell them what you are experiencing. That way they can help you get better quickly. Just remember, trust building takes time.

Campfire Girls Day – Founded in 1910 by Dr. Luther Gulick, and his wife, Charlotte Gulick, Campfire Girls of America was incorporated as a national agency on this day in 1912. Its' mission was to do for girls what the boy scouts did for boys. As you can tell from the name it involved lots of camping and outdoor activities. In 1975 it began allowing boys to become members and changed its name to Campfire Boys and Girls. In 2001 it became Campfire USA and in 2012 it became simply, Campfire. I prefer to camp in the summer when it’s warm, but to each his own.

Submarine Day - On this day in 1898, John Philip Holland first demonstrated his submarine, the Holland VI to the US Navy. They were the first that used internal combustion engines on the surface and electric battery power beneath the surface.

Saint Patrick's Day – St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. For centuries, the Irish have been celebrating his life on this date, which is believed to be the date of his death in the year 460, with a great feast. The festivities have spread over the years to the extent that on this day, everyone is a little bit Irish. There is usually a St. Patrick's Day parade at some point on a weekend leading up to this day.

National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day - While many Americans think that this is a traditional Irish dish to be eaten on St. Patrick’s Day, they would be wrong. This is an Irish-American creation that Irish immigrants created when they came to America and found out that corned beef was similar to the corned pork that they were used to. Beef wasn’t eaten in Ireland because most cows were used for dairy. However, since it is such a popular dish in this country on this day, that made it the perfect food holiday for whoever decided there needed to be a food celebration every single day.

International Sports Car Racing Day – This is a day where you will find car racing events all over the world. I couldn't find out much information about it.  All my searches just turned up a whole lot of information on races happening on this day which is always on the third Saturday in March.

Maple Syrup Saturday - A little bit of heaven in a bottle, pure maple syrup is really nothing but sugar and tree sap from maples trees. Anything but pure will probably have additives, various coloring chemicals, preservatives and who knows what else. This day is celebrated on the third  Saturday in March.

Worldwide Quilting Day - Celebrated on the third Saturday in March, this is a day for quilters to celebrate the quilting that they love to do. You can probably find some celebratory activities or sales at your local quilting store. Consider introducing your children or grandchildren this craft so that the skills don’t become lost.

National Corn Dog Day – Celebrated in March on the first Saturday of the NCAA Men's Div. Basketball Championship, this day was begun in 1992 by Brady Sahnow and Henry Otley, in order to celebrate the combination of corn dogs, basketball, tater tots and beer.

March 16, 2018

Today we celebrate:

Black Press Day - On this day in 1827, the first issue of Freedom’s Journal was published by John Brown Russwurm and Rev. Samuel Cornish. It was the first Black newspaper to ever be published in the United States. This website has some good ways to celebrate this day.

Goddard Day – Robert Goddard, born on October 5, 1882, was the first to launch a rocket propelled by a liquid fuel. He accomplished this feat on this day in 1926 on his Aunt Effie's farm in Massachusetts. He may also have been the first to state that space travel to the moon was possible. He was ridiculed in the New York Times and other papers for this belief. It's a shame that he died in 1945 before seeing the papers eat their words.

Lips Appreciation Day – This is a really important day. Make sure you take good care of your lips because it's really hard to kiss your honey without them. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated and protect them with your favorite lip balm.

National Artichoke Heart Day – Artichoke heart lovers! Today is your day! For those of you who aren't sure yet about this crazy looking food, you can try this web site for recipes that might appeal to you.

National Everything You Do Is Right Day – You knew this was coming right? After all, you can't do everything wrong every day. There had to be a flip side. So whatever it is you want to do today, do it with confidence because you're in the groove today!

Curlew Day – A curlew is a bird with a long bill. And this time of year, they are busy practicing for their extravagant courtship flights. So if you see one, make sure you don't do anything to break their concentration. May the best bird win. This is the date that they usually arrive at the Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge for their nesting season.

Freedom Of Information Day – Recognized by Congress in 1989, this day was chosen for the purpose of highlighting the importance of the freedom of the press, religion, the public library system and the public's right to know.....stuff. It is celebrated today because today is the birthday of President James Madison (our 4th President of the U.S.) who was the biggest contributor to the writing of the Bill of Rights.

St. Urho's Day – I could not determine who created the story of St. Urho, but it apparently began in the 1950's and involves a man driving grasshoppers out of Finland, saving the famed Finnish grape crops. Wear purple and green during your celebrations today.

World Sleep Day - Celebrated on the second full week in March, this is a day that was created by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine. That sounds like an amazing committee to be a part of. I wonder what meetings are like, do they start them off with a nap? The idea is to draw attention to the variety of sleep problems that plague people and to spreading awareness of how to prevent, or at least manage them so that sufferers can live a good life. We all know that when we don’t get enough sleep, our health, safety and productivity suffer. But we do not all know that there are people who are devoted to making sure that we get a good night sleep. If you do not get enough sleep, seek them out and ask for help.

National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day - A few days ago we had a day for preschoolers, well this is a day to appreciate the teachers who care for them. I remember how hard it was to have just three small children at home, imagine having a whole classroom full of them. At that age, they are selfish, insatiably curious, unaware of things like personal boundaries and social norms, and often unable to sit still for more than five seconds. Not an environment I could deal with every day so we need to appreciate the people who make it their life’s work. This day is celebrated on the third Friday in March.

March 15, 2018

Today we celebrate:

True Confessions - This is all about having a day for honesty. Confess your secrets to your friends/family. Clear the air and start fresh. It may make for some difficult conversations, but most of you will feel much better afterward.

National Peanut Lovers Day – A few weeks ago we celebrated a day for peanut butter. Well, forget the butter part because's all about the nuts. A lot of people have allergies to peanuts and so can be forgiven if they decide to skip this celebration. The rest of you, enjoy.  Nuts are a good source of protein although they are also high calorie so a small handful is sufficient.

World Consumer Rights Day – This day is about raising awareness of consumer rights around the world. It is celebrated today because it was on this day in 1962 that President John F. Kennedy gave a speech to the U.S. Congress during which he talked about consumer rights. This is significant because he was the first world leader to EVER publicly raise the subject. The theme this year is “Healthy Diets”. The organizers, Consumers International, plan to focus awareness on this issue because of the numerous difficulties that consumers face in choosing healthy foods to eat.

National Everything You Think Is Wrong Day – Whatever it is that you think you know, think again, because you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Then, if knowing that convinces you to change your thinking so you won't be wrong, you're wrong again. I am accustomed to this way of thinking because in my house, I’m always wrong, even when I’m right.

National Pears Helene Day – This dish consists of pears poached in sugar syrup, topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup. It was created in 1864 by Auguste Escoffier and named after an operetta by Jacques Offenbach.

World Contact Day – This is a day that has been celebrated since 1953. it was created by the International Flying Saucer Bureau and we are all supposed to do our best to send a telepathic message into space today. I am not making this up. I really found this out. They even have a facebook page. The theory is that if enough people focus on a single message, it will transmit through space and find some aliens.

International Day Against Police Brutality – Begun in Canada in 1997, this is a day for people all over the world to fight back against police brutality and invasion into our lives. There will be demonstrations in various locations around the world to protest “against the continued encroachment of surveillance systems, overzealous security guards, and the increasingly invasive police presence...”

Ides Of March – Prior to the assassination of Julius Caesar, the Ides of March was a festival dedicated to Anna Perenna, the sister of some tragic Carthaginian queen named Dido. Unfortunately, for Anna and for Julius, on this day in 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was assassinated and now everyone has forgotten poor Anna and instead is intent on heeding the advice to beware the Ides of March, which Caesar ignored to his detriment.

National Brutus Day - Going right along with the Ides of March theme, this is a day to be aware that the backstabbing, unfaithfulness associated with Brutus and Julius Caesar still goes on today. We don’t often see people actually die from it, but that doesn’t mean that everything is love and roses in our politics. Watch your back, keep your friends close and your enemies closer so you can watch what they are doing.

Buzzards Day – Celebrated in Hinkley, Ohio, on this day every year the turkey vultures return from wherever they go in the winter time. Spring is arriving. Apparently lots of tourists descend upon the area to watch the vultures or buzzards, as they are sometimes known, return.

Dumbstruck Day – Did you ever have a day when you just wanted to whap yourself on the forehead? Well, get ready, today is going to be one of those days.

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day – And speaking of the Campfire people, this day was created by Campfire USA, and is always celebrated on the third Thursday in March, to remind us that kids need positive encouragement in their lives. To that end, your job is to write a love letter to your kids or to kids that are important to your life whether they are yours or not. This is one of those goofy sounding things that your kids will scoff at, but will also, in all likelihood, treasure for the rest of their lives.

Companies That Care DayCelebrated on the third Thursday of March, this day encourages employers to recognize the people that help make their company successful, whether they are employees or members of the community, and to find ways for the company to make a difference in improving their community for the benefit of everyone.

Oranges and Lemons Day - This is a day that is celebrated every year in London. It is usually celebrated on the third Thursday of March by the children of St. Clement Danes Church of England Primary School. The reason for this lies in a song, the first line of which is, “‘Oranges and Lemons,’.say the bells of St. Clement’s.”

March 14, 2018

Today we celebrate:

Crowdfunding Day - Crowdfunding online is new, but the idea has been around for hundreds of years. One of the first known examples was when French philosopher and sociologist Auguste Comte appealed to the public in France for money to fund his research. He published his work on this day in 1850 as a result of that public assistance, thus making it one of the world’s first crowdfunding successes that we know about.

Legal Assistance Day - This is a day for people who need legal representation for court appearances, legal negotiations or drafting legal documents, but cannot afford to pay for it. If they meet the criteria set by the legal profession in their area, they can apply to be granted this assistance free of charge by lawyers who are willing to donate their time and expertise.

Genius Day - Born on this day in 1879, Albert Einstein was one of the great minds of his time. Well known for being a genius in the mathematical arena, he wrote the General Theory of Relativity and received a Nobel Prize for his work in Physics. So today we celebrate Dr. Einstein and all the other geniuses out there.

Celebrate Scientists Day - This is a day that honors all scientists. This day was chosen because it is Albert Einstein’s birthday and he was a well known scientist. But there are many very dedicated scientists that are not well known but still deserve to be honored for their work. Especially the ones that are working so hard to find ways to preserve this planet we call home.

Science Education Day - Another science based day, this one is all about thanking the people who share their passion for science with children in order to grow the next generation of scientists. Make sure you contact your science teachers and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.

National Children’s Craft Day - This is a day to expose your child to the world of crafting. There are so many different ways to express yourself through crafting that I couldn’t possibly name them all here. If there is a craft that you enjoy, share it with your child so you can enjoy doing it together. Or take them to one of the many places that will be having crafting events today, and let them experience something new and different. Local art stores, craft stores and book stores would be a great place to start looking for events.

Bake A Pie In Solidarity Day - I’m including this day because I have seen it named on a multitude of different websites. However, I haven’t found ANYTHING about it besides the name. So I have no idea what your pie would be in solidarity of. If anyone has any information they would be willing to share, please add it to the comments, I would love to know more.

Moth-er Day - This is a day to learn about moths and participate in efforts to help them survive. Moth numbers are dwindling, but there are things that we can all do to help them expand their species back to where it should be.

International Day of Action for Rivers - On this day, people come together to speak out about the need to remove dams from rivers and restore them to their natural state. The health of rivers are being damaged by human intervention and efforts to tame nature.

Learn About Butterflies Day – Did you know there is a butterfly called the Question Mark Butterfly? This was new information for me. It's also true that the vast majority of butterflies live in the tropics and who can blame them. We get snowflakes big enough to knock a butterfly out of the sky here where I live. For more butterfly information see this page.

National Pi Day – Pi (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter) is a very special number that begins with 3.14159 and continues into infinity without repetition or a pattern of any kind. It has been calculated to one trillion numbers after it's decimal point and I think that whoever did that had lots of time and lots of computer power on his/her hands.

National Save A Spider Day – No, I don't think so. Today we are supposed to appreciate the strength and predatory skills of the spider. We are supposed to admire them and save them from the certain death they will experience if they are found in my house. I'll admire them all right, just as long as they stay outside and away from me. My daughter loves spiders and constantly reminds me that they are useful because they eat bugs, which I do appreciate. Really. Outside.

National Potato Chip Day – This is a day to indulge in your favorite potato chip. Whether you like flavored chips or plain old salty ones, pick your poison and chow down.

International Ask A Question Day – Celebrated on Albert Einstein's birthday, today is a day to ask all the questions that have been puzzling your mind. “Question everything,” is something that Mr. Einstein was quoted as saying and it is how he lived his life.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day - Begun in 2008, this is a day to honor those dedicated experts who have dedicated their lives to helping their patients improve their health by eating the right things. They work in numerous areas from hospitals to nursing homes, to schools and fitness centers and more. This day is celebrated on the second Wednesday in March.