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January 21, 2017

Today we celebrate:

International Sweatpants Day - I like to wear comfortable clothes when I’m hanging out at home and there is really nothing that is more comfortable than sweatpants, particularly in the winter. So dig out your comfy old sweatpants and wear them proudly today because the whole world is going to join you. I have no idea who created this day, but I did find a Facebook page devoted to it.

National Granola Bar Day – Granola bars were developed in the 1970's when an inventor, possibly Stanley Mason, figured out that by compressing granola with something sticky, like honey, and baking it so it stays together, one can create a portable breakfast.

National Hugging Day – There are lots of different kinds of hugs: the Bear Hug, The Side to Side Hug, the Cheek Hug, the Back to Front Hug and the Heart Centered Hug. Pick the hug that suits the situation and the person and have at it today. Just don't get arrested for hugging the wrong person.

Squirrel Appreciation Day – Today is a day to appreciate those creatures that many of us consider to be pests. Instead of shooing them off your bird feeders, throw a few nuts out for them. Hey! I said throw the nuts out FOR them, not AT them! Come on, if you look at them the right way, they are kind of cute. Yes, they are! If you don't see it, try squinting. The black ones are the cutest. You don't see those too often unless you live in my portion of the neighborhood. We have a tribe of them in the woods out back.

National New England Clam Chowder Day – What a great lunch this would be. Isn't it great when I solve your dilemma about what to eat for lunch today! Now don’t be going for the Manhattan Clam Chowder. That is a whole different day, I’m sure and you're just going to have to wait for it.

Own Your Own Home Day - This day was created in 1920 by a group of businesses and civic groups. At the time, owning your own home was considered to be the best thing you could do. People wanted to reduce the number of drifters that didn’t stay in a community long enough to help to improve it and they wanted to encourage the growth of a community spirit. Things are different these days and owning your own home is not always the best thing for everyone financially. For example, if you own a home and lose your job, you could lose the home plus it is harder to accept a job in another location because selling a house can take a very long time. So you should look at your finances and goals and talk to a financial planner before you decide if owning a home would be beneficial for you.

One-Liners Day - This is a day to celebrate the greatest one-liners in movie history such as…”You had me at hello.” Who can tell me what movie that is from? I haven’t even seen it and I could answer that one because that line is so famous. Or what about…”You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Anyone? I know you know this one…”I’ll be back.” Feel free to comment with your favorite lines.

January 20, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Inauguration Day - Well, today is the day. This day only comes around every 4 years because that’s when we swear in a new President or re-up the same one again. Some of you are happy about this one, some of you are not, and some of you are ambivalent. But one thing is sure, this is not going to be a boring four or eight years coming up.

International Day of Acceptance - Annie Hopkins was a person with disabilities who died on this day in 2009. She had a dream that all people would be accepted by society regardless of their physical abilities or limitations. She created a new symbol, the person in a wheelchair with a heart for a wheel, as an effort to unite people of all abilities. Let’s take some time today to work on making her dream a reality.

Take A Walk Outdoors Day - I know it’s cold, but that doesn’t matter. It’s time to take a walk outdoors with your family. It’s important to stay in shape and get plenty of exercise. Walking is a great low impact exercise that almost everyone can do. I know the kids won’t want to do it with you but if you set a good example, they’ll come around. Particularly if you confiscate the games and phones until after the might be amazed at how eager they are to get going.

National Bill Cosby Sweater Day – This is a day to celebrate the amazing collection of sweaters that Bill Cosby wore when he was in “The Cosby Show” years ago. If you are old enough to remember that show, you will remember those sweaters. So dig around in your drawers or in your attic and find your best Cosby type sweater to wear today.

National Penguin Awareness Day – Several species of these non-flying birds are endangered due to oil spills, climate changes and eroding habitat. A sad plight for this adorable little animal. Did you know that the Magellanic Penguin is named after Ferdinand Magellan? Mr. Magellan was the first to see them way back in 1520. Sadly, they live off the coast of Argentina, a place that apparently experiences a lot of oil spills and thousands of these adorable creatures are killed every year as a result.

National Coffee Break Day – This is a day with dubious origins but the basic idea is pretty obvious. Enjoy your coffee break today.

National Buttercrunch Day – I love chocolate but I'm not a big fan of stuff mixed into it so I'll take a pass on this day. But for all those buttercrunch lovers, here's a day for you.

National Cheese Lover's Day – Finally! A day that my husband can get excited about. Cheese predates written history so we're not sure who first started the cheese making process. But there is some speculation that it was begun by Nomadic tribes who carried their milk in animal skins and organs. If milk is carried in an animal stomach, it will turn to curds and whey which doesn't sound appealing, but it's the beginning of the “turn into cheese” process, so the nomads probably enjoyed it.

Camcorder Day – Does anyone still have one of these? They were the latest, most exciting gadget when I was young. These days we usually use digital cameras to take videos.

National Disc Jockey Day – I think that most everyone listens to the radio at some point in their day. Today is the day to call up your favorite disc jockey and tell them how much you appreciate what they do. Where would we be without invisible people speaking to us and playing music for us through little boxes in our cars and houses?

National Kick A Ginger Day - This day was created by fans of “South Park”. They aired an episode that paralleled the holocaust using Red-Haired people instead of Jewish people as the recipients of the unreasonable discrimination and hatred. I didn't see it but I understand that it was supposed to be a warning against such behavior, so as a joke, fans created this day. I would recommend that you do not actually kick any Gingers today.

January 19, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Good Memory Day - This is a day to revel in the good memories you have and maybe to make some new good memories. Take some time to share your good memories with your loved ones. In sharing, you will relive the wonderful times you have had and it will be almost as if you have experienced them again.

Brew A Potion Day - Experiment a little today and brew your own potion.  You can probably google some recipes to get you started. Make sure it’s a potion that won’t cause any harm to anyone. Maybe a nice love potion would be good.

National Popcorn Day – This is my daughter's favorite day. She lives on popcorn. Try some fun popcorn related activities with the kids today. Decorate the house with popcorn strings, mix popcorn with different ingredients and see what it tastes like, fill a container with popcorn, popped or unpopped and guess how many kernels are in it or have popcorn fights. Your imagination (and tolerance for messes) is your only boundary.

National Gun Appreciation Day – Begun in 2013, this is a day to demonstrate American's support of their 2nd Amendment right to own a gun. I know this is a very controversial subject with strong feelings on either side and I am gifted (cursed?) with the ability to see and understand both sides of the issue but you may feel free to comment with your opinion if you wish.

Tin Can Day – The tin can was patented in 1810 by Peter Durand and the ability to store food for long periods of time suddenly became possible. However, the can opener was patented by William Lyman in 1870. Hmmmm. Does anyone else see a 60 year problem here?

Get to Know Your Customers Day - No business could survive without customers. So this is a day for business owners to get to know their customers so they can serve them better. Appreciate your customers for their desire to give you their business. Yes, even the annoying ones. This day occurs three more times this year on the third Thursday of the beginning of each quarter.

Women's Healthy Weight Day – Celebrated on the Thursday of the third full week of January, this is a day to celebrate the fact that there is a different healthy weight for everyone. So today we honor women of all shapes and sizes who strive to be a healthy weight no matter what that number on the scale happens to be.

January 18, 2017

Today we celebrate:

National Gourmet Coffee Day - Coffee is a very popular beverage all over the world. Gourmet coffees are pretty easy to get these days but they are more expensive than the general run of the mill kind that I drink. You can get all kinds of different flavors so you can experiment to see what you like best.

Thesaurus Day – Peter Roget was born on this day in 1779. He created (authored, composed, devised, fathered, invented, made) Roget's Thesaurus, which I still use (employ, utilize) periodically (occasionally, sporadically) in my work.

Peking Duck Day – An interesting dish that I didn't really think was food at first. Much to my surprise, it has been a Chinese specialty for more than a thousand years.

National Winnie the Pooh Day – A.A. Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh, was born on this day in 1882. A sweeter, more lovable bear was never created, in my opinion. Winnie the Pooh was a genius creation that has stood the test of time and has been loved by children for almost a hundred years.

National Sanctity of Human Life Day (or Pro-Life Day) – This is a day to spread the idea that life begins at conception and abortion should be prohibited. I know that is a controversial topic and has been for a long time so don't bombard me with messages chastising me for promoting this day or for not saying enough to promote it more. I didn't make it up, I'm just telling you about it. I am not telling you how I feel about it, yea or nay.