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October 1, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Less than Perfect Day - Perfectionism is difficult to live with whether it is a trait that you hold yourself or whether you live with someone with the trait.  It can lead to anxiety disorders, eating disorders, alcoholism, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders and more.  Today is a day to recognize that as hard as we try, absolutely no one is perfect and we need to give ourselves permission to be less than perfect today.

National Lace Day – This is a day to learn how to make lace if you don't already know. Done well, handmade lace is absolutely beautiful. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience to get it right, so start learning today.

Homemade Cookies Day – Cookies bought at the bakery, while delicious, do not qualify today. You must make some real HOMEMADE cookies today. I guarantee you won't be sorry, not only will your children celebrate, your house will smell amazing!

International Raccoon Appreciation Day – This is a day to celebrate raccoons, an animal we normally consider something of a pest. Nocturnal by nature (If you see one during the day, it may very well be sick so keep your distance and if it behaves unusually, get away and call for help.) we don't usually see them, which is kind of a shame.  I find them to be very inventive, intelligent, and clean (since they tend to wash their food when they can before they eat it).  They can be annoying if you are camping close the the dumpsters in the campground and have to listen to them banging the lids on their way in and out all night long.

National Book It! Day - Celebrated on the first weekday in October, this is a day to book a vacation.  I know, I know, it sounds like a day about books.  But when we schedule a trip of some kind that involves airplanes or cruises or hotels, we call it “booking a room” or “booking a flight” or something like that.  So today, book your trip to somewhere fun so you can be sure to have a room or a seat or whatever it is you are scheduling.

National Black Dog Day - It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, people would be superstitious about the color black in animals but it does still happen.  Black dogs are not as adoptable simply because of the color of their fur because people think that the color black is associated with evil.  But black dogs love their owners just as much as lighter colored dogs so give them a chance today. After all, they don’t care what color you are.

National Walk Your Dog Day - Created by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige, in 2010, this is a day to keep your dogs healthy by taking them for a walk so they can get some exercise.  Overweight dogs have lots of health problems, so take them off the chain or let them out of the house and go for a nice long walk today.  It will be good for both of you.

CD Player Day - I don’t know where this day came from or why it came from anywhere but it seems to be a day to play your CDs on a CD Player.  I’m not sure where else you would be inclined to play them, but it matters not.  It’s all about the CD player today.

World Vegetarian Day – Created by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977, this is a day, “To promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism.”  My husband is a dedicated meat lover but I do enjoy a vegetarian dish now and then so I will be sure to prepare one today.

Fire Pup Day – This is a day to celebrate canine firefighters. While not all fire stations have dogs, these honorary firefighters have secured a seat of honor on any firetruck.

International Day of Older Persons – Created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1990, this is a day to focus on honoring the older people in our families and communities. Help them out today so they can continue to lead full lives.

Model T Day – On this day in 1908, the first Model T Ford was completed and rolled off the factory line. A total of 15 million were built in the following twenty years. At an initial cost of $825 (about $18,000 in today's dollars), this was the first car that was affordable for the average person.

International Music Day – Today we are to promote music by organizing or attending a free concert or by performing in the streets for passersby to enjoy. The only rule to the day is that all performers must donate their time and all performances must be free to the public.

To celebrate today, accept that you are less than perfect for today, then pop your favorite CD in the player and listen to some music while you make some homemade lace and call up all the old people you know to see if they need any help with anything.  Then  make balloon animals in the shape of fire pups and raccoons and hop into your Model T and take the balloons and some homemade cookies to the fire station to give to the firemen.  When you get home, book your next vacation, then take your black dog for a walk before you make something vegetarian for dinner tonight.

September 30, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Women's Health & Fitness Day – This day is considered to be “the nation's largest annual health promotion event for women of all ages.” It is held on the last Wednesday in September with a goal of highlighting the importance of health awareness. Physical activity on a regular basis is an important component of being healthy so look into joining a local fitness center or working on your own to increase your level of physical activity. Many fitness based organizations all over the country will be having special events today.

World School Milk Day – Celebrated for the last 15 years on the last Wednesday of the month, this is a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations created day for the purpose of establishing school milk programs all over the world. Milk is a good way to get calcium which is important for growing strong bones for children.  This makes milk an important part of a child's diet and far too many children in the world do not have access to it.

National Mud Pack Day – Mud is supposed to be very good for your skin. You can either go to a spa and spend a bunch of money to have them pack your face with mud for a while, or you can go out in the back yard, get the garden hose, make some mud and smear it on your own face. Same benefit, a little cheaper. Just watch out for the rocks, bugs and worms.

National Mulled Cider Day – It's apple season, perfect for making mulled cider. One of my favorite hot beverages although it's good cold as well.

Blasphemy Day – This is an atheist holiday during which people are expected to openly express their disbelief in, disdain for, or criticism of, religion. It was created in 2009 by the Center for Inquiry. This day was chosen because it is the anniversary of the publication of Muhammad cartoons in a Denmark newspaper. Be careful where you do this, if you do this. In some countries such as Afghanistan, blasphemy is punishable by death.

Chewing Gum Day - This is a day to exercise your jaws and teeth and chew some gum.  Chewing gum in various forms has been around for hundreds and maybe thousands of years.  I don’t imagine that the original version tasted great, but it couldn’t have been too bad or it wouldn’t have persisted for so long.  It began to be manufactured and sold as a product in the late 1800s and was originally licorice flavored.  I’m not a fan of licorice so I’m very glad that “Adam’s Black Jack” gave way to “Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit and Spearmint” flavor.

To celebrate today, chew some gum before you pack your face with mud, enjoy some relaxing mulled cider and have a rousing discussion of your religious beliefs with your children while you exercise and drink milk.

September 29, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Confucius Day – At daybreak this morning, we will honor Confucius as this is considered to be his birthday. Since he was born in 551 BC, I'm not really sure how the powers that be know this for sure. But we do know for sure that he was a very wise scholar and philosopher who is still quoted to this day.  You will find people celebrating Confucius on various days at the end of September.  I’m not sure which is the official day because all kinds of legitimate looking sites put it on the 27th, 28th, or 29th.

Broadway Musicals Day - I couldn’t find much information on this day beyond the fact that it exists.  But I would assume that a good way to celebrate would be to go to see a Broadway play.  I love to do that periodically.  The actors are so talented and entertaining.

World Heart Day – Created in 2000, this is a day to teach people about heart disease and stroke since they are the leading cause of death in the world. Many of these deaths can be avoided if you know the risk factors and change your life accordingly.

National Attend Your Grandchild's Birth Day – This is a day to encourage grandparents to start bonding with their grandchildren from the very first moment by attending and participating in their birth. I think that sounds great, but in practice it might not be so great. I didn't really want a lot of people in the room with me when I gave birth. I would have found it too stressful. I needed it to be quiet and dark and nobody bother me, please, I'm busy. So in my opinion, whether the grandparents attend the birth or come in afterward to see the baby should be at the discretion of the birthing mother.

National Coffee Day ( also known as Coffee Day or International Coffee Day) – This is a day celebrated by several countries for the purpose of enjoying a good cup of coffee. We are also expected to promote fair trade for coffee and raise awareness of the sad plight of coffee growers. In the short time I had to research this, I was not able to find out what is happening with the coffee growers so if you know the answer, please let me know so I can feel badly for them. I can only imagine that they share the challenges of other agricultural based enterprises.

National Mocha Day - Seems like a repetition of Coffee Day to me, but apparently this is particularly for Mocha which is like coffee but different at the same time.  It is made with espresso (I’m not a big coffee drinker but I believe that espresso is coffee in concentrated form) combined with steamed milk and some form of chocolate.  Sometimes it is made with whipped cream and cocoa powder and even mini marshmallows on top.

Goose Day - This is a day to celebrate geese in any way you can find.  Do you have a pond where you go to feed the geese?  Maybe your kids like to play Duck, Duck, Goose?  Maybe you know some adults who like to play?  You can read some stories that feature geese to your kids or watch a movie with geese in it.  Or use your imagination and come up with a different way of doing something with a goose theme.

National Poisoned Blackberries Day - According to legend, on this day, hundreds of years ago, the Devil poisoned all the blackberries in Scotland resulting in the death of many people.  As a result, there are still some blackberries that are poisoned and should not be eaten.  I would assume that the ones you get in the store are safe to consume, but you should probably research blackberry varieties before eating wild berries.

VFW Day – Established on this day in 1899, the VFW began as a small group of Spanish-American veterans and has grown to become the nation's largest group of combat veterans. The VFW has, for 114 years, dedicated itself to honoring the dead by helping the living. They do this by spreading good will, patriotism and scholarships for the youth.

To celebrate today, grab some coffee to get your heart started and head to Broadway to see a play.  It doesn’t even matter what play, they are all great.  Then stop by the VFW near you to share some unpoisoned blackberries.  On the way home, find a pond with some geese and feed them a few bread crumbs left over from your sandwich at lunch while you enjoy a mocha.  Then, attend your grandchild’s birth, assuming you have a child who is accommodating enough to have a baby today, and share some Confucius wisdom with the whole family.

September 28, 2015

Today we celebrate:

International Right To Know Day - Freedom of information is essential to a democracy.  Freedom of Information organizations created this day in 2002 to spread awareness about our right to access government information.  

National Good Neighbor Day - This is a day to recognize your good neighbors and to be a good neighbor yourself.  Some stores near you might recognize this day with a sale, and I suggest you recognize it with some good neighbor deeds.

National Strawberry Cream Pie Day – Who doesn't love strawberries? But as good as strawberries are, strawberries and cream are even better.

National Ask A Stupid Question Day – This is officially celebrated on this day every year. However, since it is usually celebrated by students and teachers, they tend to change the date to  the last school day of the month instead.  Anyway, this is a day to stop being afraid of looking stupid and ask any question you want to know the answer to.  They say that there is no such thing as a stupid question.  Well, if you listen to comedian Bill Engvall, you know that this is not true.  However, just because it’s a stupid question, doesn’t mean you can’t ask it.  Ask me anything you want to know. I’m listening…...OK, that was a stupid question.  Congratulations!  You got the right idea!

Family Day - Created by CASAColumbia for the purpose of reducing substance abuse in children and teens by helping parents become more engaged in the lives of their children.  It is celebrated on the fourth Monday in September beginning in 2001 by telling parents about the importance of regular family dinners.  It has since grown from there with more ideas about how to keep the communication open with your children.  On the website, there is a pledge that you can make to spend time with your kids, talk to them about anything and everything, answer their questions and recognize the power you have to influence them.

World Rabies Day – The Global Alliance for Rabies Control which has headquarters in the United States and the United Kingdom, coordinates activities on this day which honors the death of Louis Pasteur, who was a part of the team that developed the first rabies vaccine. They honor him by working to raise awareness of the dangers of rabies for humans and animals, and spreading information about how to prevent the disease. Humans and animals on every continent except Antarctica (I’m sure you don’t need me to explain why) are at risk although some continents, such as Africa and Asia, hold the most risk because of the large number of unvaccinated stray dogs.

Read A Child A Book You Like Day - If you have children, I am sure you have put in plenty of time reading the same book over and over and over again.  Some you have read so many times you would really like them to disappear so you never have to see them again, no matter how good the books were the first hundred times.  Well, this is a day when you get to pick which book you read.  Pick one that is age appropriate (although I am guilty of reading all kinds of weird stuff to my kids when they were babies and didn’t know what I was saying) and that you enjoy and have fun reading it to them.  You can even do this if you don’t have children, I’m sure you can find one to borrow if you look around.

National Drink Beer Day - I’m not a fan of beer and never have been, but I know it is an extremely popular adult beverage so if you enjoy a beer, have one today.  There are certainly a lot of different kinds to chose from.

To celebrate today, track down a good neighbor and ask him/her a whole bunch of stupid questions.  Next, take your pet to get their annual rabies shot and while you are waiting for your turn, read a book that you like to your child.  Finally, finish the day with your family having some beer for the adults and strawberry cream pie for everyone while you discuss everyone’s right to know.

September 27, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Sukkot – A Jewish holiday that lasts for seven days. It begins this evening at sundown and ends at sundown on the 15th. For the first two days, work is not allowed. For the last five days, work is allowed but there are restrictions. This holiday is celebrated with pilgrimages, and special blessings and it is intended that people will remember the sukkah, which is the tent structure that the Israelites used for shelter during their 40 years of traveling in the desert after their freedom from slavery in Egypt.

National Corned Beef Hash Day - Today it’s all about meat and potatoes.  Specifically corned beef meat and fried potatoes.  It’s delicious with fried eggs.

National Chocolate Milk Day – Chocolate fans everywhere, heads up! This is a day for you. Carry some chocolate around with you today so you can add it to your milk at every meal. If you don't usually drink milk at meals, you might want to change your habits today.  I really like to use Ovaltine as opposed to Nestle or Swiss Miss or other chocolate milk mixes because it is chock full of vitamins and minerals and makes really good chocolate milk.

World Deaf Day - Celebrated on the last Sunday in September, this is a day to draw attention to the achievements of deaf people and the deaf community.  They have come a long way since the days when they were pretty much hidden from society.  They were seen as being unable to learn and be educated.  Therefore they were not allowed to own property, or marry, and had to have a guardian.  Life is much better these days, however, there is still more that we can do to expand the development of technology that will help deaf people live the same quality of lifestyle as hearing people.

World Rivers Day - Also celebrated on the last Sunday in September, today we celebrate the waterways of the world.  Our rivers are essential to the health of the plants and animals that live on this planet, ourselves included.  Let’s do our best to keep them clean.

National Crush A Can Day – This is an odd day that doesn't seem to have a specific purpose or history that I can find. I can speculate that it is a stress relieving day as some people like to relieve their stress by breaking or crushing things. I prefer to recycle my cans but I guess I can make an exception today.

National Daughter’s Day - This is a day to celebrate your daughter(s).  It is National Daughter’s Day but it is actually celebrated in several different countries such as India and the United Kingdom.  I have put it on this, the fourth Sunday in August, because most people celebrate on this day.  However, there are some who believe it is on October 1st.  A good way to celebrate the day is to do something fun and special with your daughter like a tea party if she is a child, or decorating each other’s nails if she’s a teenager, or sharing a cup of coffee and conversation if she is an adult.

Ancestor Appreciation Day – This is a day to dig into your family history and find out where you came from so you can appreciate your ancestors, whoever they happen to be.  Without every single one of them, you would not be who you are.  So, even if you find that one or more of them are not necessarily people you would be proud of, you should be thankful for their role in ultimately creating you.

Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – Created in 2008 by the National Association of People with AIDS, this is a day to recognize that although gay and bisexual men are only about 2 percent of the U.S. population, they accounted for 61 percent of all of the newly diagnosed HIV infections in the year 2009. Since this is the demographic that is most at risk of developing this devastating disease, it stands to reason that men who are gay and bisexual need to be tested regularly and, even better, take precautions to protect themselves against becoming infected in the first place.

World Tourism Day - This is a day to focus on the value of tourism.  The theme for this years celebration is “One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities”.  The organizers want to know how you will be celebrating so they ask that you send them photos based on the theme to the WTD Facebook album and label your tweets about it with #1billiontourists#WTD2015.

Gold Star Mother's Day – This is a day that was created by the American Gold Star Mothers Inc. which is an organization that provides support for mothers of children who were lost in a war. It was created just after World War I. Membership is open to any American woman who has lost a child in service to the United States. We celebrate this day on the last Sunday in September every year.

To celebrate today, travel to a new place and be a tourist by hopping on a river cruise with your daughter.  Have some corned beef hash and crush a can of chocolate milk with your fellow tourists who are deaf or gay.  Make sure they are aware of HIV/AIDS and how to keep themselves safe.  Next, make sure you appreciate your ancestors and the gift of life that they gave you by calling up some Gold Star Mothers and sending them your love and empathy.

September 26, 2015

Today we celebrate a ridiculously busy day:

European Day of Languages - This is a day to celebrate the diverse languages that span our globe.  We are encouraged by the Council of Europe (who created this day in 2001) to learn a new language no matter how old you are. The more people who know more than one language, the easier it will be for different countries and cultures to understand each other.

International Rabbit Day - This seems to be a day to celebrate rabbits both wild and those who are pets.  We celebrate this day on the fourth Saturday in September and are to encourage restaurants to stop selling rabbit on their menus and to encourage stores to stop selling rabbit furs and rabbit feet.  You will find other sites that name a different day for the celebration, and I was not able to find out for sure which one was correct.

National Better Breakfast Day - This is a day that I can really get behind.  A day to have a better breakfast.  I always have a good breakfast because no one wants me to be cranky in the morning.  However, my children rarely eat it.  I have given up badgering them about it because if I make them eat breakfast before they go off to school at that horrifically early hour (their words, not mine), they get sick.  So, since they usually get lunch long before noon, I let it slide on school days.  However, it bothers me that they don’t eat because I know that their brains will work much better if they have a good breakfast in their bodies.

R.E.A.D. in America Day - Sponsored by the Library of Congress, this is a day to celebrate reading.  The acronym means “Reading helps Everyone Accomplish Dreams.”  Celebrate by reading to yourself or to someone else.

World Contraception Day - This is a day to spread the message about keeping yourself safe when you share yourself with someone else.  I can’t talk too frankly about this because I have to be cognizant of my audience.  But everyone should want to avoid STD’s and unwanted pregnancies which is a huge problem all over the world.  So many diseases could be avoided if you just practice abstinence until you are married and you use contraception until you are sure your partner is free of disease and until you are ready to have babies.

Johnny Appleseed Day – Born on this day in 1774, this is a day to celebrate John Chapman who was known by many as Johnny Appleseed. He was responsible for introducing apple trees to parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia and Indiana. He became a legend in this country, even before he died in 1845, mostly because of his conservation skills and his kind and generous way of life.

National Pancake Day – This is not the IHOP Pancake Day that we celebrated back in February, and it is not associated with the “pancake race” that is held every year in England (check back in April for more on this fascinating tradition). This is simply a food holiday that just happens to fall on this day. Have some pancakes for breakfast today.

Love Note Day - This is a day to get out the paper and pen and write a love note to the one you love.  No texting, emailing or tweeting.  That will just not count today.  Paper and pen is the only way to go, but it doesn’t have to be long in order to be heartfelt.  I promise you that your loved one will absolutely love to receive this from you.

Shamu the Whale Day - Shamu is the trademarked name given to various orca whales that perform at several of the SeaWorld parks.  There is a lot of controversy right now regarding the captivity of these whales and several trainers have been injured or killed because the whales are wild creatures who cannot always be controlled the way the SeaWorld people would like them to be.

Lumberjack Day – Created in 2005 by Marianne Ways and Colleen AF Venable, this is a day to behave like a lumberjack if you know what that type of behavior consists of. Apparently lumberjacks eat a lot of pancakes, talk differently and carry an ax wherever they go. Good luck with that.

Family Health and Fitness Day USA – Celebrated on the last Saturday in September, this is a day to encourage families to engage in physical activity together. Face it, your kids will be far more likely to exercise if they see you doing it. I know when my kids were little, I would exercise here in my house and every time I got down on the floor to do pushups or situps or anything like that, they were right there climbing on me either wanting to do it with me ( in their own fashion ), or wanting to make it harder for me.

National Hunting and Fishing DayCelebrated on the 4th Saturday in September, this is a day to celebrate the history and tradition of hunting and fishing in America.

Fish Amnesty Day - This day, created by PETA, is always celebrated on the fourth Saturday of September. It is a day to understand that fish are living beings with the same rights any animal should have.  PETA wants to protect the fish by convincing vegetarians who eat fish to become full vegetarians.  

International Lace Day - Also celebrated on the last Saturday in September, this is a day to make lace.  You can’t have too much of the stuff, it doesn’t take up too much room and it is pretty.  Make a lace tablecloth for your dining room table.  Or a runner for a living room table or nightstand.

Kiwanis Kids’ Day - Another fourth Saturday in September celebration, this one was created by Kiwanis International in 1949, to focus on children and their welfare. On this day Kiwanis clubs all over the world have a wide variety of activities that involve children.  From parades to picnics to talent shows and banquets.  Contact the Kiwanis International Foundation here to find out more.

National Museum DayMany (but probably not all) museums will have free admission today so take advantage of that and visit your favorite, or take a chance and visit one you've never been to today.  You may have to register for this event ahead of time.  It is usually on the last Saturday in September.

National Wildlife Ecology Day - This is a day for working together to help the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting.  As far as I can tell, they don’t wish to stop hunting completely, just the hunting that involves killing for the sake of killing, and killing animals that we do not use for food.

National Public Lands Day – Celebrated by the National Environmental Education Foundation, this is a day to enjoy, and learn how to conserve, public lands.  They gather together thousands of volunteers on the last Saturday of September to work on maintaining the land for everyone to enjoy.  They make sure trails are clear and safe, plant trees and other plants, remove invasive plant species, and collect trash.

To celebrate today, make enough apple pancakes for a lumberjack for your breakfast, and write love notes to Shamu the Whale before you start learning another language while you make a lace tablecloth for the Kiwanis Kids. Next, read about rabbits while you fish for fish that you will then release and not eat after you catch them.  Then, stay fit by walking with your family to the nearest museum making sure you walk by some public lands to watch for wildlife.  Tonight, make sure you use contraception.

September 25, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Crab Meat Newburg Day - a dish made with crab meat, butter, sherry, eggs, cream and various spices.  I’ve never had it myself because I’m not a big fan of crab meat but I understand that this is a rich and creamy deliciousness that just has to be tried. Here’s a recipe to get you started, but there are thousands more online so feel free to find a different one.

World Pharmacists Day - Created by the FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) Council at the FIP Congress in Istanbul a number of years ago, this is a day for pharmacists all over the world to work to improve the health of the people they serve.  The theme this year is “Pharmacist: Your partner in health.”  Medicines are vitally important for the health and well being of billions of people.  Having access to, and knowing how to use, the right medicines can make the difference between life and death for so many.  Thankfully we have pharmacists who are trained to know everything there is to know about the medications we use both short and long term.

National Comic Book Day - This is a day to read a comic book and maybe to share it with someone else who would enjoy reading it.  Don’t put it down and say it’s not a real book just because it has lots of pictures and the words are in bubbles.  It is still reading, so let your kids read some comic books today.

International Ataxia Awareness DayThis is the day to increase awareness of Ataxia. The word “ataxia” means “without coordination”. People with this disease have malfunctioning nervous systems which make it impossible to control their movements and balance. It could affect just a small part of a person’s body, such as fingers, eyes, or speech, or it could affect many parts of the body. It is diagnosed based on family history and an MRI brain scan. Genetic tests can be performed to see if someone carries the Ataxia gene. It can begin causing symptoms in either childhood or adulthood.

Save The Koala Day – Created by the Australian Koala Foundation and celebrated on the last Friday in September, this is a day to raise money for the Foundation which has made great strides in protecting the habitat of the Koalas in Australia. The goal, of course, is to save this adorable animal from the inevitable extinction that will occur if we do not do something to stop it now.

Math Storytelling Day – First celebrated in 2009, this is a day to tell math stories. You can make it a joke or an anecdote using numbers or symbols. Be creative about it and the kids will enjoy it much more.

National One-Hit Wonder Day – Created by Steve Rosen, this is a day to celebrate and remember those artists who had only one big hit in their careers.  That’s still more musical hits than I’ve had, so I’ve got to hand it to them because they’ve all gone farther than I have.

International Hug A Vegetarian Day – Celebrated on the last Friday in September, this is a day to support the vegetarians in the world.  People have a variety of reasons for choosing to become vegetarian.  Sometimes those reasons are personal preference and sometimes health concerns so be supportive of others right to choose what goes into their bodies and give the vegetarians in your life a hug.  If you are a vegetarian, tell everyone you know about this day and maybe you’ll get lots of hugs today.

Native American Day - Celebrated on the fourth Friday in September, this is a state holiday in California which was created in 1968 for the purpose of honoring all the different Native American cultures and their very important contributions to our country.

To celebrate today, write a math story in comic book format that takes place on water and has Koala bear characters, and give it to your kids to read one time and only one time. Then look up some interesting Native American cultural information and share it with the Vegetarians you know after you give them a hug.  Next, make some Crab Newburg and give it to your local pharmacist.  Then go online to spread awareness of Ataxia to all of your friends.