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September 12, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day - Celebrated on the first Saturday after Labor Day, this is a day to marshall up the citizens of America and get to work cleaning up Federal lands.  It was created in 1985, and called Federal Lands Cleanup Day.  But in 1995, it was renamed to honor Carl Garner who apparently put in a lot of time and effort getting people to help him clean up the environment in Greers Ferry Lake and the Little Red River.

National Police Women Day - In 1909, Alice Stebbins Wells, a social worker, asked the Mayor and the City Council to allow for female police officers.  They thought it was a fine idea and appointed Mrs. Wells to be the first one in the nation on this day in 1910.  She was given arresting power and in conjuction with her appointment, they also made a rule that no young girl could be questioned by a male officer, only by a female officer.  They assumed that girls would be more likely to be comfortable talking to other females.

National Video Games Day – This is a day to celebrate the creation of the video game. They are enormously popular in every house with children and even a whole lot of houses without any children. Play video games all day today.

National Chocolate Milkshake Day – My children love milkshakes and particularly chocolate ones. Have one for yourself today.  I haven’t had a milkshake in years because I know there’s a ton of sugar and calories in those things, but since I’ve been good for so long, maybe today’s the day to cut loose for once.

International Day for South-South Cooperation – This is a day created by the General Assembly of the United Nations. In 2003 it was declared to be celebrated on the 19th of December but in 2011 the General Assembly changed the date to today. The purpose of the day is to promote cooperation between countries in the southern hemisphere. This is to support developing countries as well as countries that are fighting against depressed economies.

Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day – Celebrated on the second Saturday in September, this day was begun in 1981 when a man named Dennis Higashiyama heard a Paul Harvey radio story that talked about how regular people have no idea how their food gets to the grocery store. He began this day so the farmers can show people what they do and how they do it so we can all have a greater understanding of how much is involved in growing food and getting it to the table of the average person.

International Drive Your Studebaker Day – Celebrated on the second Saturday in September, this is a day to drive your Studebaker everywhere. You can go anywhere you want, just make sure you stop often so people can admire your car and so you can tell them all the reasons why you love your Studebaker so much.

National Hollerin' Contest Day – Celebrations have moved from the 3rd Saturday in June to the second Saturday in September, but this is still a day to exercise those vocal cords of yours. In Spivey's Corner, North Carolina, there has been a Hollerin' Contest every year since 1969 for the purpose of commemorating and possibly reviving (though I'm not sure that's practical in this high tech telephone age) the fine art of hollerin', a long lost, long distance means of communication between people (probably mostly mothers to their children).

To celebrate today, call any friends you have in the southern hemisphere and encourage them to support their fellow southern countries. Then play video games with some female police officers you know, while you drink milkshakes and practice hollering.  Next, drive your studebaker to a nearby farm to find out what goes into making your food.  Spend the rest of the day working on cleaning up the Federal lands closest to you.

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