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September 4, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Newspaper Carrier Day – This is a day to celebrate the newspaper carriers who are responsible for delivering our newspapers to our driveways. This day was chosen because it is the anniversary of the day in 1833 that Barney Flaherty was hired by the New York Sun to be its’ first newspaper carrier or paperboy, as they were known then.

Eat An Extra Dessert Day - I think that this day needs no explanation.  It is permission to do what everyone wants to do anyway.  Excuse me, but you are standing in front of the ice cream.  You might want to move before I climb over you to get at it.

National Macadamia Nut Day - Macadamias were first discovered by the Aborigines of Australia thousands of years ago.  Being high in protein, fiber, calcium, iron and potassium, they are also very healthy for an afternoon snack.  That means that when you add them to cookies, you take a sugary, unhealthy food and magically turn it into something that is very healthy, right?

National Wildlife Day - This is a day for raising awareness of the high number of endangered animals in this country and in the world.  Zoos, in this country at least, tend to have a bad reputation because people don’t like to see the animals caged up all the time and they don’t think it’s a good situation for the animals.  But the truth is that most zoos and animal sanctuaries work very hard to save the animals and educate people about conservation of our planet’s animals to try to influence children to become future animal caretakers and conservationists.  Many, many zoos and animal sanctuaries care for animals who have been rescued from people who bought them as babies and didn’t know what to do when they grew up, or they suffered injuries, or were orphaned too young.  When it is possible to release them into the wild, they do so.  If it is not possible, they care for the animals for the rest of their lives.  There are others who are just in it for the money, so you have to be careful if you choose to donate your money to this cause.

Wear Teal Day - Teal is the color of ovarian cancer awareness efforts.  So each year on the first Friday in September, we are encouraged to wear teal and tell the women you know to make sure they get checked regularly for this life threatening disease.

National Lazy Mom's Day – Celebrated on the first Friday in September, this is a day for Mom's to do something very unusual and be lazy in whatever way they wish.  If I didn’t have to work, I would be lazy by putting together a puzzle and reading a book.  Probably not at the same time, I think that would take too much effort.  But even if you have to work, like I do, I am sure you can find a few minutes to be lazy when you get home, or maybe on your lunch break.  Have the kids do the chores and make the dinner while you lounge on the couch with a good book.

National Hug Your Boss Day - This is something that is celebrated in England today and is pretty much the same as the day we celebrated back on August 23rd.  So improve the morale of your workplace by giving your boss a hug.  It will help increase productivity, according to TipTopJob, the people who created this day.

To celebrate today, put on something of a teal color and head to work long enough to hug your boss.  Then take your kids to a local zoo to learn about the animals.  Finally, be lazy and read your local newspaper while you eat lots and lots of chocolate macadamia nut cookies for dessert.

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