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July 1, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Gingersnap Day –Crispy, crunchy and impossible to mistake for anything else because of the strong smell of ginger, this is a love it or hate it kind of cookie.

Canada Day – A federal holiday in Canada, this day celebrates the anniversary of the Constitution Act which created Canada from three colonies in 1867.

National GSA Employee Day –The General Services Administration, an independent agency of the United States government, was established in 1949 and helps manage and support federal agencies with transportation, office space, cost cutting policies and other assorted administrative functions. They employ more than 10,000 people and today is their day.

Second Half Of The Year Day –This is a day to look back on your New Year's Resolutions. What have you accomplished and what do you need to work harder on? Figure out if you were unrealistic with your goals and change, update and renew your goals and dedication to accomplishing them.

U.S. Postage Stamp Day –Before postage stamps were created in 1840 in the United Kingdom,mail was to be paid for by the person receiving the mail, not the person sending the mail. Which is ridiculous because if the receiver didn't want to or was not able to pay for it, the postal service didn't get paid. Also the people sending the mail sent whatever they wanted, no matter what it might ultimately cost the recipient. The postage stamp changed all that and made the mail system much more efficient. Over the next twenty or so years, other countries followed suit with the United States issuing their first official stamps in 1847.

Zip Code Day – Before airplanes became a really reliable form of transporting mail around the country, and even for some time afterward, the Post Office used the much slower railroad. With the population booming, the Post Office was having a lot of difficulty delivering the mail in an efficient manner so in the 1960's they spent quite some time working on finding a solution to that. On this day in 1963, the zip code system began and involved some major readjustments in the method of transporting mail.

Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day –There are more wacky ice cream flavors that you can possibly imagine. There are the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and every ice cream maker has their own special flavors like chocolate peanut butter cup. But then, if you go looking in local ice cream parlors you can find crazy flavors like Lavender Honey Ice Cream, and Sea Salt Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. You can go to a garlic festival and find garlic ice cream. You can even find ice cream that really shouldn't be ice cream.

International Joke Day – I was unable to find out who created this day, but for a day like this that is not important information. Today is a day for joking all around the world. Laughter is important to us for many different reasons so enjoy the excuse to laugh today. Tell jokes and spread the fun around the world.

To celebrate today, start off by singing the Canadian National Anthem, “O Canada”. Next, write a letter to the GSA employee of your choice congratulating him/her on his/her dedication to their job. Include a joke that will make them laugh and make sure you get the zip code correct and put a stamp on it before you put it in the mailbox. Then spend some time considering your New Year's Resolutions and how you stand with them. Review them, change as needed, and renew your conviction to complete them. Finally grab some gingersnap cookies and head to the local ice cream parlor for some creative ice cream flavor that you've never tried before to have along with your cookies.

June 30, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Meteor Day – Keep your eyes open for meteors tonight. You never know when you're going to see one. Sometimes astronomers can give us a heads up when we will get a meteor shower, but even if there is no shower expected, you could still see a stray meteor.

Descendants Day – This is a day to research your family tree to see if you are the descendant of someone (or a group of someones) important to history. Of course, everyone you are descended from is important to your personal history since you wouldn't be here if it were not for them.

Leap Second Time Adjustment Day – This is a day to make a one second adjustment to our time in order to stay close to the average solar time. Apparently our daily rotation is not exactly 24 hours but is a fraction of a second longer. Therefore, every now and then we need to add a second to the clock so that we don't eventually have days when midnight comes sometime in the afternoon.

Log Cabin Day – Celebrated on the last Sunday in June, this day is sponsored by the Log Cabin Society of Michigan and has been an annual event since 1987. Michigan is so far the only state that celebrates this statewide festival where they celebrate by conducting tours of many log cabins in the state.

NOW (National Organization for Women) – Founded on this day in 1966, this organization is about fighting for equality for women in all aspects of life.

To celebrate today, research your family history until you can find someone you consider to be important, then find someone to argue with about how women should have the same rights as men in every part of your life. Finally, find a log cabin to spend the night in and before you go to bed, set your clock one second ahead and watch for meteors.

June 29, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Almond Buttercrunch Day – Crunchy, buttery and nutty, if you like that combination, you'll be in heaven today.

Camera Day – Joseph Niepce created the first photographic image in 1827 but it faded pretty quickly and he needed 8 hours of light exposure in order to take the picture. In 1839, Louis Jacques Daguerre took the first image that didn't fade and it only needed 30 minutes of light exposure. All that pales in comparison to the pictures we can take with today's cameras, but every new technology starts somewhere.

Waffle Iron Day – Early, primitive waffle irons date back to the 14th century. They would imprint elaborate patterns on the waffles and were baked over a fire. In 1869, Cornelius Swarthout patented the waffle iron in the U.S. and 1911, the first electric waffle iron was invented.

To celebrate today make some waffles, top them with some crushed almond buttercrunch and take a picture before you eat them.

June 28, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Paul Bunyan Day – This is a day for tall tales. You've all heard of Paul Bunyan. Tell your children about him today. Don't forget about Babe, the Blue Ox. Feel free to add your own embellishments to the story, that's what makes a tall tale so much fun.

National Insurance Awareness Day – This is a day for spreading awareness of how important insurance is. Call your insurance company and see if they will celebrate today by giving you a discount on something. We can't get by without insurance these days whether it's car insurance or health insurance or life insurance or home owners insurance. It's big business and we need it because it saves us from losing everything we have when someone inevitably sues us for something. Make sure your insurance is up to date today.

Tau Day – I didn't know what this was either until I looked it up so I will happily enlighten you. Tau is double Pi. Pi, of course, is 3.14....therefore Tau is 6.28...

To celebrate today, call your insurance company and thank them for protecting you. While you're on the phone, see if they have any discounts you can take advantage of. Then tell your children some tall tales and teach them about Tau and how important it is, or is it?

June 27, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Sunglasses Day – This is a day to celebrate eye protection. Even primitive societies have been known to devise some sort of covering that can be seen out of but still protect their eyes from the sun. These days we have a myriad of styles and colors of sunglasses to choose from. You can make them part of your fashion statement if you want to. The important thing is to realize that your eyes do need to be protected from the sun so that your eyesight will last longer.  My daughter, who goes for crazy colors in her glasses would really love this pair.

Decide To Be Married Day – This is a day to celebrate couples who decide to get married. It is based on a poem entitled, “Decide to be Married”. Oddly enough, my happily married husband of 19 years always tries to talk people out of making this decision. Do you think he's trying to tell me something?

National HIV Testing Day – Every year on this day, since 2005, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has promoted an HIV testing day. They want everyone who could possibly be at risk to be tested today. The earlier you are diagnosed, the earlier you can begin treatment and the longer you can live a normal lifestyle.

National Bomb Pop Day – Bomb Pops are a frozen Popsicle type of dessert that is made by Blue Bunny. They were invented in 1955 by James Merritt and D.S. Abernethy in Missouri. They even have a sugar free variety so unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, you have no reason to not get them for your family today.

National Handshake Day – Celebrated on the last Thursday in June, this is a day for an old fashioned hand shake. No fist bumbs or high fives or crazy secret handshake routines. No sir, people have been shaking hands for centuries. There was a time when a handshake was as good as a signed contract. To say hello and to say goodbye, the handshake rules today.  You may be thinking that you are experiencing some deja vu today because we just had a Handshake Day back on the 21st, but that was a worldwide event.  This day is only for the United States to celebrate.  The rest of the world can just put their hands back in their pockets today.  Unless you want to come over here and shake our hands, that would be perfectly acceptable.

Happy Birthday To You” Day – This song has been around longer than I would possibly have guessed. The melody was composed in 1859 by Mildred J. Hill, a schoolteacher from Kentucky. It was first published in 1893 with the lyrics her sister, Patty Smith, wrote for it and it was called “Good Morning To All”. It was changed to a birthday song and copyrighted in 1935. Find someone who has a birthday today and sing it to them.

Industrial Workers Of The World Day – On this day in 1905, The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was formed. The concept of the IWW is that all workers should be united as a social class and that capitalism and wage labor should be abolished. Sounds great in theory, but history has shown us that putting it into practice is difficult and so far has not been very successful.

To celebrate today, wear sunglasses and shake hands with everyone you meet today. After breakfast, gather the whole family and head out to a testing center to be tested for HIV. Then find a union meeting for the IWW and sing Happy Birthday to them. Finally, find a couple who has decided to get married and treat them to a Bomb Pop in celebration (and whatever you do, do not let them talk to my husband).

June 26, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Chocolate Pudding Day – Chocolate pudding is pretty good, especially for a chocolate lover. Add a little vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and you have turned pretty good into delicious.

National Canoe Day – This is a Canadian celebration founded by the Canadian Canoe Museum with the idea of increasing participation in canoeing across the country. Whether you are new to the sport or you have been canoeing for years, get out and find some water to canoe in today. Enjoy the water, the quiet and the animals you find.

Beautician's Day – This is a day to celebrate the person who styles your hair or paints your nails. Most of us can't do that by ourselves and the people who do it for us help us to be beautiful/handsome.

International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking – This is a United Nations created day to raise awareness of the serious problems that illegal drugs bring to society. This day is celebrated by people all over the world with awareness programs.

International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture – Another United Nations sponsored day created in 1997 to condemn the act of torture which is a crime under international law. Sadly, many governments and individuals ignore this law but the United Nations is working toward completely eradicating this horrific act.

To celebrate today, get out your canoe and get on the water. Enjoy the peacefulness of floating around on the waves. Then head to your beautician to have your hair cut and styled. Lastly, get online and spread awareness of drug abuse problems and the issue of torture in the world while you have some chocolate pudding.

June 25, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Strawberry Parfait Day – I understand that Parfait is French for perfect, and that is just what this dessert is, strawberry perfection.

National Columnists Day – Celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of June, this is a day to send your favorite newspaper columnists a letter to let them know how much you enjoy reading their work.

Please Take My Children To Work Day – Celebrated on the last Monday in June, this is a day to recognize stay-at-home mothers and the very difficult job they have every day doing pretty much every job there is. On this day, stay-at-home moms can kick back, relax a little and laugh at themselves.

National Catfish Day – This day was created by President Ronald Reagan's Proclamation in 1987. This is a day to eat farm raised catfish, the farming of which has become a sizeable industry in America.

Color TV Day (CBS)- On this day in 1951, CBS broadcast the very first color TV program which very few people could enjoy since nearly everyone in America who owned a TV, owned a black-and-white TV since color TV's hadn't taken off yet and wouldn't for another decade. After all, why buy a color TV if most of the shows on it were still black-and-white. Besides, TV was still pretty new at that point and many households had just recently purchased their first one. I'm sure they didn't want to turn right around and buy a new one.

Global Beatles Day – This is a day to celebrate the Beatles and the gifts they gave to the world because of their promotion of peace and love and the expansion of the human consciousness. They started a wave of global changes in fashion and art, among other things. This day was chosen to honor the first live global television broadcast of “All You Need Is Love” by John Lennon on June 25th, 1967.

To celebrate today, send your children to work with your spouse or a really good friend. Then, play “All You Need Is Love” to get you in the right mood for the day. Then read your favorite columnist in the newspaper and send them a letter to comment on their work. Watch a little color TV, and have some catfish and strawberry parfait for lunch.

June 24, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Pralines Day – A sweet pecan treat that is very popular in New Orleans. It originally came from France and used almonds but when those Frenchmen and women arrived in New Orleans way back when, almonds were hard to come by, so they switched to pecans and now no one even thinks of using almonds in this delectable dessert.

International Fairy Day – This is a day that celebrates those tiny, winged, little people who are born on the laugh of a baby. I couldn't find out where this day came from or why we should celebrate it, but if you have children, particularly the little girl variety, you probably already celebrate this day every day.

Swim A Lap Day – This is a day to get a little exercise. Put on your bathing suit, (go ahead, I'll turn around) and hop in the pool to swim a lap. Although since you went to all that trouble to get your suit on and find a pool, I don't know why you would stop at one lap. Go ahead and swim as many laps as you can.

To celebrate today, watch for fairies on your way to the pool, swim as many laps as you can stand and then reward yourself with a praline. Don't eat too many of them or you will undo all that good exercise you just completed.

June 23, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Pecan Sandies Day – A special kind of cookie that may have originated in the medieval Arab world.

National Pink Day – This is a day for people who love the color pink. I can't figure out why pink deserves a special day. I haven't yet seen any other color get it's own day, so go figure. But today you are urged to buy things that are pink, wear things that are pink and decorate things with the color pink.

SAT Math Day – This is a day to share your favorite SAT math problems. It is celebrated today because today is Alan Turing's birthday. Alan Turing, as I'm sure you already know, was a British mathematician, computer scientist, cryptanalyst, and logician who was born in 1912. That's a lot of responsibilities for one man but he was brilliant at what he did. Sadly, he committed suicide just before he turned 42 because of governmental persecution over issues in his private life.

United Nations Public Service Day – On this day the UN Public Service Awards are given out to worthy public servants. This is a very prestigious event that celebrates the value of public service to communities around the world.

Pink Flamingo Day – This day was declared by Dean Mazzaralla in 2007. Mr. Mazzaralla was the mayor of Leominster, MA. He apparently really liked pink flamingos and felt that enough other people did as well so if you're a fan of pink flamingos, decorate your yard today with a flock of them. It is my understanding that less than 4 flamingos does not constitute a flock.

America's Kids Day – The goal of this day is to teach American children about what it is to be an American. We need to teach them our fundamental values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, there is a lot of cynicism out there, but it is still possible for children to grow up to be anything they want to be if they are willing to work for it. That's what it is to be an American.

To celebrate today, wear as much pink as you can and dig out the pink flamingos and decorate your lawn with them. Then teach the kids how to solve your favorite SAT math problems. That could take a while depending on how old they are. Next, call up your favorite public servant and thank him/her for their service. Finally, have some pecan sandies while you teach your kids about how great it is to be an American.

June 22, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Chocolate Eclair Day – This delicious treat has everything going for it, a sweet cream filling, a melt in your mouth pastry, and a heavenly chocolate topping. I'll have to get some for the family tonight.

ARRL ( American Radio Relay League) Field Day – The most popular on-the-air event in the US and Canada. Celebrated on the fourth weekend of June every year by more than 35,000 ham radio enthusiasts and their clubs. Some celebrate with a contest, others by practicing emergency radio drills, still others with picnics and campouts.

Great American Backyard Campout – On this day, thousands of Americans will gather in backyards all over the country to have their very own campout. Experience the outdoors without having to travel too far. This is a great option for people with young children who don't want to get too far away from indoor plumbing or who think their young children will not be able to last a whole night outside.

Polar Bear Swim – This is a Southern Hemisphere day today. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates this day on January 1st usually although I think some celebrate on December 21st, our winter solstice. On this day crazy people jump into the freezing cold water for reasons I cannot completely fathom. That's usually all this day entails because after all, it's too cold for a picnic.

Stupid Guy Thing Day – This is another created holiday. The point of today is to make official all the stupid things guys do that women always complain about. Instead of complaining, women are encouraged to make a list of stupid things that guys do and pass it around for everyone to enjoy.

To celebrate today, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, get on your bathing suit and take a quick plunge. Make sure you have someone there who can make sure you get out of the water and warmed up. Then make a list of stupid things guys do that make you crazy. Share it with your female friends. Then you can get your amateur radio out and bring it with you to your campout in the backyard so your kids can learn how to use it while you splurge on chocolate eclairs. It will be a campout your children will never forget.

June 21, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Take Your Dog To Work Day – This is a day to celebrate dogs and encourage people to adopt them. There are so many wonderful dogs out there that would make perfect pets for you. We adopted our dog from a rescue organization and I cannot now imagine how we got along without him. He even melted my not-a-dog-person husband's heart. This day began to be celebrated in 1999 and was created by Pet Sitters International.

National Flip Flop Day – This day was created by Tropical Smoothie Cafe for the purpose of raising money for the charity they sponsor, Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine is a camp for children with life threatening illnesses and their families. It is a chance for the entire family to have some fun, and make some wonderful, lasting memories and to just get away from the illness for a little while. If you wear your flip flops to Tropical Smoothie from 2pm to 7pm, you will get a free smoothie today. All 300 of their Cafe's will also be collecting donations for the Camp.

National Peaches & Cream Day – Fresh, ripe, juicy peaches, covered with thick, rich cream. Dessert doesn't get any better than that. I've probably said that before, but I really mean it this time.

Atheists Solidarity Day – This is a day for Atheists to wear a red and black ribbon to show their support to other non-religious people in their community. Some atheists do not feel they can be open about their beliefs because they fear persecution. While I am not an atheist, we do live in a country where we have the freedom to believe or not believe in whatever we want, and I support the right of every adult to decide for themselves what they chose to believe. Not all countries have that freedom and some people are right to be afraid of persecution or even death if it were to become known that they disagree with the beliefs of those around them.

Go Skateboarding Day – Created by the International Association of Skateboarding Companies, the purpose of today is to dust off the old skateboard, put aside normal responsibilities and just skateboard all day. Many major cities are holding skateboarding events today, see if you can find one that you can join.

National Daylight Appreciation Day – This is a day to celebrate the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Today will be great for your energy bills (as long as it's not too hot and you're running the air conditioning all day) and for your energy levels as it has been proven that lots of sunlight can increase your mental and physical health and your energy levels.

Midsummer – Celebrated on the 3rd Friday in June rather than specifically on the 21st, although the timing is right this year. This is a day to celebrate the Summer Solstice which is longest day of the year and it is a holiday in many different Northern Hemisphere countries such as Sweden and Finland. Festivities include singing and dancing, sometimes having a bonfire and of course, with traditional foods.

World Handshake Day – Created by Ivan Zupa, this is a day to unite the world. He says to “place your hand in the sea and shake hands with the whole world.” It began as a vision for Mr. Zupa after the tsunami disaster (I'm not sure which tsunami disaster he is referring to since there have been a couple in recent memory) and he hopes to make this idea spread to the rest of the world.

World Humanist Day – This is a day for Humanist people to share their values with the world. It is a “freethought” holiday that is supported by the International Humanist and Ethical Union, which is a global federation for atheist, rationalist, ethical culture and secularist groups. There will be conferences and proclamations and other activities going on today to spread awareness of their free thoughts.

Anne & Samantha Day – This day is celebrated on the solstice each June and December. You are meant to reflect on Anne Frank's and Samantha Smith's contributions to our world before their premature demise. The creators of this day are campaigning to have postage stamps in their honor before the first half of our century is over on Dec. 31st, 2050.

Baby Boomer's Recognition Day – This is a day to celebrate the baby boomers and their contributions to society. Many of them became very successful in a wide variety of fields, and our medicines and technology wouldn't be where they are today without this talented group of people.

To celebrate today, put on your flip flops and get out your skateboard today because everywhere you go that will be your mode of transportation. Be careful with that as you take your dog to work so you can make everyone want one of their own. Make sure you tell them to try the rescue shelters first. Then shake hands with everyone you meet today, whether you know them or not, invite them to your house this evening for a party celebrating the midsummer's long day of daylight, then ask each of them if they are a Humanist. If you find any, ask them about their atheist philosophy of life. Then, at your party, recognize the baby boomers and then tell everyone about Anne and Samantha's stories and life lessons while eating peaches and cream.

June 20, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Ice Cream Soda Day – Invented in 1874 by Robert McCay Green in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this quickly became a popular beverage particularly among teenagers. There are others who claim to have invented this sweet drink around this time period, but Mr. Green is the one who generally gets credit for it.

American Eagle Day – Approved by the U.S. Congress in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 and by 40 Governors as of 2012, this is a day to focus on what this majestic bird needs in order to survive. It has been removed from the endangered list, but that doesn't mean that we don't have to worry about it anymore. It still faces a loss of nesting areas and habitat from which it finds food, as well as diseases.

Dump The Pump Day – Celebrated annually for the last 8 years, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and public transportation systems all across the country celebrate this day. The idea is to save money on gas by riding public transportation instead of driving on this day. Another good way would be to invent a car that runs on garbage which we certainly produce plenty of. That's my son's plan for when he grows up.

Recess At Work Day – Celebrated on the third Thursday in June, this is a day when recess is serious business. It's an opportunity to increase creativity in the workplace, increase morale at your office, improve the health of the employees, create the spirit of everyone being on the same team, and sharing the fun side of you that the people you work with rarely have a chance to see. These people are so serious about it that they have a Recess At Work Training System that you can learn about here:

Word Refugee Day – Established by the United Nations, this is a day to honor the men, women and children who are forced to abandon their homes to avoid violence and persecution. Right now there are 43.7 million refugees in the world. That's a lot of people and the United Nations Refugee Agency provides assistance and protection for 34 million of them.

To celebrate today, take a bus to work and prepare to have recess all day. You might want to clear it with the boss first, unless you are the boss, in which case, have fun. Take turns at work going up to the roof with binoculars and keeping an eye out for an American Eagle. Ice cream soda's for everyone at lunch time. Then when you get home, immerse yourself in the stories of refugees around the world and if you are so moved, help out by volunteering your services or donating money.

June 19, 2013

Today we celebrate:

World Sauntering Day – This is a day that reminds us to slow down and enjoy every moment of our lives. That is hard for me to remember to do during the daily rush to do this and go there. We only get one pass through this life and it goes by fast enough as it is. Let's take this day to appreciate everything and everyone around us. Take a moment and enjoy the sunrise or sunset, snuggle with your baby, notice the breeze and hear the animals scurrying among the trees. You won't regret having done this today, and maybe you'll enjoy it so much you will want to do it every day. That wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Garfield the Cat Day – Garfield is an animated, overweight and very lazy cat. He was created by Jim Davis and he loves coffee, lasagna, sleeping, and causing trouble. He was born on this day in 1978 and has appeared in newspaper comic strips, television specials, movies and even a commercial since then.

Juneteenth – Begun in 1865, this day celebrate the emancipation of African American's. This is a day for being sensitive to, and learning from, the experiences of others in order to make lasting changes in our society today.

World Sickle Cell Day – Sickle Cell disease is the most common genetic disease in the world. This day was sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for the purpose of raising awareness of the disease.

To celebrate today, read Garfield's comic in the newspaper, wish your neighbors a Happy Juneteenth and then tell them about Sickle Cell Disease so they can be more aware of it. Spend the rest of the day moving slowly, noticing and appreciating the world around you.

June 18, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Go Fishing Day – Make sure your fishing license is up to date and find out what the fishing rules are in your area because today is a day to break out the rod and reel and head for the water. Fishing is a great way to relax, spend time with the kids and think deep thoughts.

International Panic Day – Back in March we had National Panic Day, but today is a day to take that feeling to a new level. World wide panic is on tap for today. Play up your fears big today, and encourage all of your friends all over the world to do the same. Panic about everything. Be afraid, be very afraid!

National Splurge Day – Normally I preach a frugal lifestyle as much as possible. But today is a day to let loose and buy that special thing you have been wanting soooooo bad but you haven't been able to come up with a good enough reason other than that to spend the money. Now you have it. Go get it.

International Sushi Day – Sushi is more than food, it is art. Sushi isn't all about raw fish, it's about the vinegar seasoned rice used in the dish. There are many different variations of this dish in this country with a wide variety of ingredients. I'm sure that even if you are not a fan of sushi, you can find some variation that you will enjoy.

To celebrate today, find that thing or things, object or idea, that brings out the panic in you and think about it today. Just let that panicky feeling flow free today. Then gather your fishing gear and spend the day fishing with the kids. On the way home, stop at the store and splurge on that thing you've been wanting forever. Finally, finish up the day with some delicious sushi for dinner.

June 17, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Apple Strudel Day – Apple filling wrapped in a flaky, delicious pastry. Days like this make me sad that I have to be gluten-free.

National Cherry Tart Day – Just the other day my husband brought home a bag of cherries from the grocery store with no idea that this day was coming. I'll have to make a treat for him.

Eat Your Vegetables Day – A perfect day for a salad. This is a day for everyone to eat their vegetables. Yes, children, you have to eat them too. They are good for you. Great vitamins and minerals and lots of fiber. You can eat as many as you want today, and every day for that matter.

Stewarts Root Beer Day – If you are a fan of root beer, which I am not, I have heard that Stewarts brand is one of the best since it is based on the root beer fountain sodas of old. Have some today and enjoy the feelings of the Good Old Days that they bring to you.

World Day To Combat Desertification and Drought – This day was declared in 1994 by the United Nations General Assembly. The first celebration day was in 1995. This is a day to focus on the serious problems of drought and desertification that many countries, particularly in Africa, face today. Solutions are possible if we work together.

Ride To Work Day – Celebrate today by riding your motorcycle or scooter to work today. The idea is to show everyone how much better their lives would be if they rode motorcycles and scooters every day by reducing congestion, saving time (I'm not sure how that would save time, but that's just me) and reducing travel costs.

To celebrate today, ride your motorcycle or scooter to work and spend the day connecting with people around the world and working together with them to brainstorm ways to reduce the droughts and desertification issues of the world. For dinner, have a wonderfully delicious salad and a Stewart's root beer and then some cherry tart and apple strudel for dessert. You can never have too much dessert, especially when you had such a healthy dinner.

June 16, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Fudge Day – My sister made some great fudge for Christmas last year. I'm not a big fan of fudge, but that was really very good. Fortunately for me, it disappeared very quickly before I ate too much of it.

Fresh Veggie Day – Fresh veggies, in my opinion, taste so much better than frozen or canned. Although there is nothing wrong with the frozen and canned options, fresh is far more flavorful and they retain more of their vitamins and nutrients. If you have the option, chose fresh.

Father's Day – Celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, this is a day to celebrate the fathers in your life. There is speculation that this day began after a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia in 1907 when a large group of men, many of whom were fathers, were killed. Much like Mother's Day, this is a day to spend time with your father if you can, give cards or gifts or do something with your father that he enjoys.

Bloomsday – This day celebrates the life of James Joyce, an Irish author who wrote a novel, Ulysses, which is set on this day in 1904. Mr. Joyce chose this day for his novel because it was the date of his first date with his future wife, Nora Barnacle. Dubliners celebrate this day with readings from the book, or by dressing as characters in the book.  This is a picture from a previous years celebration.

Family Awareness Day – Celebrated on the third Sunday in June, this is a day that goes well with Father's Day as you are to reflect on the important role fathers play in our American families.

Husband Caregiver Day – Also going well with Father's Day, this is a day to honor husbands who become caregivers for their wives or children for a wide variety of reasons. This brings the meaning of love to a whole new level.

Ladies Day (Baseball) – On this day in 1883, the New York Giants hosted the very first Ladies' Day baseball game. Revolutionary for it's time, the Giants allowed both escorted and unescorted ladies to watch the game for free. Just to hazard a guess, I would think that most ladies didn't need to work too hard to find someone willing to escort them to a baseball game.

To celebrate today, make your father a wonderful meal of fresh veggies and fudge. Don't worry, he loves you so he won't complain. Then ask him to escort you to a baseball game, even if you're not a woman. Next, treat your father to a reading of Ulysses. If your father is a caregiver, give him some extra hugs and support.

June 15, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Smile Power Day – This is a day to share the power of your smile with the world. Your smile has the power to brighten the lives of everyone who sees it. Your smile will encourage others to smile which will have a cascade affect causing even more people to smile. Smiles have been known to save lives as some who might have caused harm to themselves have received an unexpected smile that encouraged them that someone really does care. Share yours with everyone you meet today.

National Hollerin' Contest Day – Celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in June, this is a day to exercise those vocal cords of yours. In Spivey's Corner, North Carolina, there has been a Hollerin' Contest every year since 1969 for the purpose of commemorating and possibly reviving (though I'm not sure that's practical in this high tech telephone age) the fine art of hollerin', a long lost, long distance means of communication between people (probably mostly mothers to their children).

World Juggling Day – Celebrated on the Saturday closest to June 17th, this is a day that is sponsored by the International Juggler's Association (IJA). The goal of today is to spread the fun that juggling provides and bring jugglers everywhere together. I know a juggler personally and he never ceases to amaze me with his skills whenever I see him perform. Events will be held all over the world.

Magna Carta Day – This is a document that the King of England was forced to sign on this day in 1215. No, that is not a typo. It was an attempt to limit the King's powers by law so certain high level political people could protect themselves. The document basically said that the King was not all powerful and that the law took precedence over the King's wishes.

Native American Citizenship Day – On this day in 1924, the US Congress recognized the citizenship of Native Americans. Kind of ironic since they were here before the US Congress, but Congress needs to pass legislation before it does anything so there you have it. That is why it took so long.

Nature Photography Day – This day has been celebrated for 8 years now. This day is sponsored by the North American Nature Photography Association. The NANPA encourages people all over the continent to take pictures of nature today and share them with the world. Get out there into the nature that is available to you no matter where you live. Explore, and take plenty of pictures.

National Day Of Prayer For Law Enforcement Officers – This day was begun by the Wives Behind The Badge organization. They are asking that everyone, regardless of your religion or personal beliefs, take some time today to pray for the families of fallen law enforcement officers and for those law enforcement officers who are still risking their lives to protect all of us. We need to show our officers appreciation and support instead of giving them grief for doing their jobs.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – This is a day to make people aware of how vulnerable the older generation can be. Many times they are as helpless as children and at the mercy of sometimes not so merciful caregivers. Elderly people can be abused physically, emotionally and financially. Check on your elderly relatives and neighbors often so you will be more likely to recognize the signs if they are being abused.

Worldwide Day of Giving – Begun three years ago by Reed Sandridge who began a year of giving on December 15, 2009. This was started as an exploration into the act of giving and what that would mean to him. To participate today, choose one of these three activities: volunteer with any organization, give a stranger ten dollars, or donate ten dollars. If you chose to donate ten dollars, there are many worthwhile organizations you can donate to, be careful you donate to a legitimate organization that you know well and can be sure it will use your money wisely. Do not donate to a brand new, untested organization especially now following the Oklahoma tornado because right after a disaster strikes, scam artists come out in force.

Global Wind Day – This is a day that is celebrated worldwide for the purpose of discovering wind and the possibilities contained within its' power. Work to encourage the leaders of the world to utilize more wind power and have less emphasis on non-renewable power sources.

To celebrate today, smile at everyone you see and carry three balls with you everywhere you go so you can practice your juggling. Then head out to find an elderly, Native American citizen so you can give them ten dollars. Next, holler for your kids so you can explain to them what Magna Carta means. Do that outside so you can take some pictures of nature being blown around by the wind. Finally, share your smiles and your pictures with the law enforcement officers in your area and make sure you offer up a prayer for them before you go to bed tonight.