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June 11, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National German Chocolate Cake Day – Interestingly enough, this delectable dessert did not originate in Germany as the name may imply. The chocolate used in the recipe was invented in 1852, by an American by the name of Sam German for the Amerian Baker's Chocolate Company. They named the chocolate “Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate” in his honor. Then the cake recipe that came a hundred years later was created by Mrs. George Clay, a Texas homemaker, who used this chocolate and named her cake German's Chocolate Cake.

Hug Holiday – I was not able to find a reliable source for where this holiday came from, so normally I wouldn't include it. However, this is not a busy day and I really like hugs so there you have it.

Corn on the Cob Day – Corn is a crop that has been grown for food for thousands of years. I like corn but have always been somewhat skeptical of it's nutritional value. However, I understand now that it does contain B vitamins, Vitamin C, phosphorus, manganese, folate, and soluble fiber. So enjoy some today.

King Kamehameha Day – This is not only a fun name to say, but it is a real public holiday in Hawaii. It honors Kamehameha the Great, the king who, in 1810, unified the various islands that now comprise the Hawaiian Islands. He ruled between 1782 and 1819. In Hawaii there are numerous festivals, carnivals, races and parades in the days surrounding this day, all in honor of the King.

To celebrate today, hop on a plane, because boats are too slow, and head to Hawaii. You know you've always wanted to go so here's your chance. When you get there give everyone you meet a hug and have some corn on the cob and German Chocolate cake for dinner. These might be a little difficult to find in Hawaii so you better bring some of your own with you.

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