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June 17, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Apple Strudel Day – Apple filling wrapped in a flaky, delicious pastry. Days like this make me sad that I have to be gluten-free.

National Cherry Tart Day – Just the other day my husband brought home a bag of cherries from the grocery store with no idea that this day was coming. I'll have to make a treat for him.

Eat Your Vegetables Day – A perfect day for a salad. This is a day for everyone to eat their vegetables. Yes, children, you have to eat them too. They are good for you. Great vitamins and minerals and lots of fiber. You can eat as many as you want today, and every day for that matter.

Stewarts Root Beer Day – If you are a fan of root beer, which I am not, I have heard that Stewarts brand is one of the best since it is based on the root beer fountain sodas of old. Have some today and enjoy the feelings of the Good Old Days that they bring to you.

World Day To Combat Desertification and Drought – This day was declared in 1994 by the United Nations General Assembly. The first celebration day was in 1995. This is a day to focus on the serious problems of drought and desertification that many countries, particularly in Africa, face today. Solutions are possible if we work together.

Ride To Work Day – Celebrate today by riding your motorcycle or scooter to work today. The idea is to show everyone how much better their lives would be if they rode motorcycles and scooters every day by reducing congestion, saving time (I'm not sure how that would save time, but that's just me) and reducing travel costs.

To celebrate today, ride your motorcycle or scooter to work and spend the day connecting with people around the world and working together with them to brainstorm ways to reduce the droughts and desertification issues of the world. For dinner, have a wonderfully delicious salad and a Stewart's root beer and then some cherry tart and apple strudel for dessert. You can never have too much dessert, especially when you had such a healthy dinner.

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