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June 3, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Chocolate Macaroon Day – Light and chocolatey, this is the dessert to try tonight.

Repeat Day – Today is your opportunity to repeat whatever you want to do over again today. Wear the same clothes you wore yesterday, repeat a favorite activity as many times as you want, repeat someone's words back to them. Whatever you desire to do again, do it today.

Chimborazo Day – This is a day to focus on the shape of the earth. It turns out that, surprisingly, the world is not completely round. There are mountains and valleys and such that make it more of a lumpy ball than a round one. One lump in particular is bigger than the others. That would be Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador which has the distinction of poking out into space farther than any other mountain on Earth, including Mount Everest. The reason for this is that the distance from sea level to the center of Earth is 13 miles greater at the Equator than it is at the North Pole which means that Mount Chimborazo has an advantage over Mount Everest which may be a bigger mountain, but is still closer to the center of the Earth.

National Leave the Office Early Day – This is a day to combat workaholism. Today you are going to leave work early and actually enjoy the rest of your day. Do not spend all of your time and energies at work. There is life outside the office and you need to explore it today.

To celebrate today, pick your favorite spot on the Earth and research where it falls in terms of the shape of the earth. Is it below sea level or above it? On a mountain or in a valley, closer to the center of the Earth than other places or farther away? Then you need to leave work early and repeat something that you did over the weekend that you enjoyed. Eat some chocolate macaroons while you do it.

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