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June 22, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Chocolate Eclair Day – This delicious treat has everything going for it, a sweet cream filling, a melt in your mouth pastry, and a heavenly chocolate topping. I'll have to get some for the family tonight.

ARRL ( American Radio Relay League) Field Day – The most popular on-the-air event in the US and Canada. Celebrated on the fourth weekend of June every year by more than 35,000 ham radio enthusiasts and their clubs. Some celebrate with a contest, others by practicing emergency radio drills, still others with picnics and campouts.

Great American Backyard Campout – On this day, thousands of Americans will gather in backyards all over the country to have their very own campout. Experience the outdoors without having to travel too far. This is a great option for people with young children who don't want to get too far away from indoor plumbing or who think their young children will not be able to last a whole night outside.

Polar Bear Swim – This is a Southern Hemisphere day today. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates this day on January 1st usually although I think some celebrate on December 21st, our winter solstice. On this day crazy people jump into the freezing cold water for reasons I cannot completely fathom. That's usually all this day entails because after all, it's too cold for a picnic.

Stupid Guy Thing Day – This is another created holiday. The point of today is to make official all the stupid things guys do that women always complain about. Instead of complaining, women are encouraged to make a list of stupid things that guys do and pass it around for everyone to enjoy.

To celebrate today, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, get on your bathing suit and take a quick plunge. Make sure you have someone there who can make sure you get out of the water and warmed up. Then make a list of stupid things guys do that make you crazy. Share it with your female friends. Then you can get your amateur radio out and bring it with you to your campout in the backyard so your kids can learn how to use it while you splurge on chocolate eclairs. It will be a campout your children will never forget.

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