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April 25, 2015

Today we celebrate a very busy day so you will probably have to take time off from work.  I'm sure your boss will understand.

DNA Day – On this day in 1953, James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin published papers on the structure of DNA. Then, on this day in 2003, the genome project was declared as complete as it was financially able to be. The Senate and House of Representatives declared April 25, 2003 to be DNA Day, intending it to be just a one day celebration. However, several other non-governmental groups have declared it to be World DNA Day or International DNA Day, every year since then.

East Meets West Day – On this day in 1945, U.S. and Russian troops met in Germany for the first time.  Some groups have turned this into a reason for having sporting events such as a team from the east of an area playing against a team from the west.

Malaria Awareness Day or World Malaria Day – Established in 2007 by the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization, this day is intended to focus our awareness on the plight of all of the people who suffer from this disease. They are primarily located on the continent of Africa where 3,000 children die every day and over a million people die every year from this treatable disease.  We need to spread awareness of how to control the mosquito population that spreads the disease, and how to treat it once it has been contracted.

Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day – For those of us who are not handy in this area, where do we go when the toilet stops flushing or the sink leaks? That's right, you go to someone who knows what they are doing with water and pipes and such, your friendly neighborhood plumber. Give him a hug before he climbs under the sink and gets all dirty.

World Penguin Day – Who doesn't love penguins? Today is a day for the whole world to love them! Did you know that penguins are piscivorous?  That means they only eat fish.

Red Hat Society Day – Born of the simple idea of having fun as you age, this wonderful group of ladies has only been around for 16 years and in that time they have grown in number from one to thousands all over the country. Ladies 50 and up wear red hats and purple clothes (the clashing is on purpose) and Ladies under 50 wear pink hats and lavender clothes. Founded by Sue Ellen Cooper on this day in 1998, when this day falls during the week, some chapters will celebrate on a close Saturday instead.

ANZAC Day - Celebrated in Australia and New Zealand, today we remember the landing, on this day in 1915, of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps on the Gallipoli Penninsula in Turkey during World War I.  More than 11,000 men from these two countries died and 25,000 were wounded.  In total, there were more than 130,000 casualties among the Allied Forces for that very long battle that lasted many months. Today, this day is used to remember all of the Australian and New Zealander veterans who have died for their country.  

Robigalia - According to the Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary by Cherie D. Abbey, Robigus was one of many Roman Gods but this one has the distinction of being the God of blights on crops.  The Romans didn’t know what to do about the mildew, rust and other things that would attack their crops periodically, so on this day every year, they prayed and sacrificed to Robigus hoping that he would have mercy on them.

World Healing Day – Always on the last Saturday in April, this day is focused on healing in all forms. There are many different kinds of health oriented celebration days associated with this day.  Some of which I have listed below but I have no doubt that there are many more.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day – Celebrated in 60 countries around the world since 1999, this is a day to spread awareness of the two related disciplines. The goals of today are to educate the world about the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong and to encourage people to embrace wisdom from all countries and cultures of the world.

World Native Aboriginal Sacred Ceremony & Dance Day – This is a day to embrace the ceremonies and special dances of the natives and aboriginals in the world.

World Yoga Day – Yoga is excellent exercise.  Some of my favorite stretches came from yoga techniques and I do them every day.  And you might be surprised to know that yoga, not lamaze,  helped me to get through my second and third childbirth experiences since the first showed me that pain medication was not an option for me.

World Reiki Day – On this day, Reiki groups around the world will be teaching Reiki meditations and holding participatory exhibitions.

World Prayer Day – This is a day to pray for healing for yourself, your neighbors, your city, your state, your country and your world.  If you participate at 10am, you can be part of a global wave of prayer.

World Veterinary Day - Celebrated on the last Saturday of April, this is a day to appreciate your Veterinarian.  Those of us who have pets or farm animals depend upon our Veterinarians to keep our animals healthy and to help them when they are injured.  The theme for this year’s celebration is “Vector-Borne Diseases with a Zoonotic Potential.”

Eeyore's Birthday Day – Always celebrated on the last Saturday in April, this is Eeyore's birthday! The idea came from one of A.A. Milne's stories where Eeyore thinks everyone forgot his birthday only to find out that they had been planning a party all along. Ever since 1963, Austin, TX has had a huge all day festival to celebrate this day with live bands, food, drinks, family oriented games and arts and crafts.  Which is kind of crazy since I lived in the Austin area for two Aprils and don’t remember hearing about this.

International Marconi Day – At first glance, I thought this was Macaroni Day too, but it most definitely is not. Born on April 25, 1874, Guglielmo Marconi played an enormous role in the invention of wireless telegraphy. In other words, we have radio capability because of him. We celebrate his birthday on a Saturday close to his birthday with amateur radio events going on all over the world.

Save The Frogs Day – The frog population is dwindling.  You wouldn’t know it necessarily if you aren’t in the amphibian conservation business because who else goes around counting frogs?  But, for the last six years, Save the Frogs has been working to fix this problem. This day is celebrated on the last Saturday in April.

Sense Of Smell Day – Today is a day to celebrate your sense of smell. The world would be a pretty bland place without the ability to smell. Granted, when we smell stinky things, we're not so pleased about it, but the good generally outweighs the bad. In fact, I think that a smelling app has even been invented for one of the latest idevices.  We celebrate this day on the last Saturday of April every year.

National Rebuilding Day – The non-profit organization, Rebuilding Together, works hard to rebuild and repair homes and community centers for low-income families. This day is always celebrated on the last Saturday in April and the goal is to bring attention to the organization's mission and the sad plight of the low-income population of this country.  They have been working at this for over 25 years and have rebuilt more than 150,000 homes so far.

To celebrate today, keep your eyes peeled for frogs while you wear a red or pink hat and visit a zoo. Smell all the fresh manure while you let your kids play with the penguins and seek out that plumber that is always fixing the bathrooms so you can give him a hug. Suggest that he/she join a Rebuilding Together project that day because their expertise is probably needed.  At lunch, draw a picture of DNA so your kids can understand what it looks like and tell them about the day during World War II that the Russians & Americans met in Germany, then confuse them by switching to the Australians and New Zealanders in World War I.  Then take your pet to the vet before you seek out some natives in your area to learn some dance moves.  Then de-stress with some Yoga, Reiki and Tai Chi while you pray for the healing of the world.  This evening, announce over your amateur radio that you are having a birthday party for Eeyore. During the party set up an offering of vegetables for Robigus, making sure the mosquitoes don’t bite you while you do.

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