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July 2, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Anisette Day – Anisette is a sweet anise-flavored liqueur. It is not to my taste but I'm told that if you like black jelly beans, you will like this drink because it tastes very similar. It is popular in areas around the Mediterranean.

I Forgot Day – There is something significant about this day but.......I forget what it is. This day was created by Gaye Anderson who went through a very forgetful period of time and so created this day, although she forgets exactly when she created it. It is for occasions that you have forgotten and for occasions that you might forget one day.

Made In The USA Day – There is a Foundation called The Made in the USA Foundation and their purpose is to promote products that are manufactured or assembled in the USA. We need to support industry in our country and reduce our independence on foreign made products.  The foundation created this day in order to encourage that goal.

World UFO Day – This is a day dedicated to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects. It was begun in 2001 by diehard believers in the phenomenon. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about the existence of UFO's and the accompanying intelligent beings from outer space.

World Sports Journalists Day - Created by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) in 1994, this is a day to celebrate the creation of the AIPS on this day in 1924 during the Paris Summer Olympics.  We also honor sports journalists and encourage them to work to be the best they can be and to share the sporting world with the rest of the world as accurately as possible.

Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day - This is a day to face your fear of public speaking and overcome it.  Some people are very stressed to the point of getting sick at the very idea of standing up in front of people and speaking.  There are techniques that you can use to relieve this stress and you can also practice, practice and practice some more which helps a great deal.

To celebrate today, forget about looking for UFO’s, they are notoriously hard to find. Instead, have some anisette while you shop for clothes that are made in the USA. Then speak up and thank the sports journalists you read for their hard work.

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