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July 31, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Raspberry Cake Day – Cake and raspberries make for a delicious combination.

Cotton Candy Day – This day is celebrated today and on December 7th. Since cotton candy is typically a summertime treat, I assume (but was not able to confirm) that the reason is that in the northern hemisphere it is summer now, but in the southern hemisphere, December 7th is summer weather.

Jump for Jelly Beans Day – This is a day to enjoy the many varieties of flavors of jelly beans. I'm not sure why jumping is included unless it is because we jump for joy when we get to eat them.  Of course, in my opinion,  it would work out better if this day occurred right before Easter when jelly beans of every imaginable kind, can be found in every store.

Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day – This is a day to celebrate musical instruments. But not your everyday ordinary flutes, violins, pianos and guitars. This is a day to celebrate the ones you don't see every day like the dulcimer or clackamore, handpan, clapsticks, marimba, and nose flute.  Really?  A nose flute?  Why would you want to do that?

Mutt's Day – Not to be confused with National Mutt Day on December 2nd. This is, however, a day to celebrate a much maligned canine. Many people disparage the mutt and look for a purebred dog. However, it has been proven that mutts can be a blend of traits from different kinds of dogs that may suit your family better than a purebred. Plus, they usually have fewer health problems than purebreds do, so don't discount a mutt before you get to know him/her better.

National Talk In An Elevator Day – Celebrated on the last Friday in July, this is a day to gather your courage, take a deep breath, in an elevator. Normally, people riding in an elevator with strangers will stay silent which can sometimes feel awkward. So break the silence today and talk about whatever comes to mind.  Word of caution, however….it might be better to talk to your fellow elevator riders and not just to yourself.  Otherwise, the awkwardness will probably skyrocket.

System Administrator Appreciation Day – System Administrators make our working lives possible these days. You would be hard pressed to find any job that does not in some way rely on a computer system in order to function, and system administrators are the ones who set up the systems, make sure they work properly, back up anything that needs to be backed up and upgrade anything that becomes out of date. Make sure you find one and thank him/her today.  This day is also celebrated on the last Friday in July.  

To celebrate everything in one day, track down a System Administrator in an office building to express your gratitude for their hard work.  While you are riding the elevator, in your search, talk to your fellow riders and play them some music on your uncommon instrument. Then, have some raspberry cake decorated with cotton candy and jelly beans for dessert tonight with your mutt.

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