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January 25, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Community Manager Appreciation Day - Celebrated on the 4th Monday in January, this is a day to appreciate the hard work of community managers in their work of trying to improve customer experiences with social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Fluoride Day - On this day in 1945, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the first to add fluoride to their water supply. They did this to try to improve their citizen’s dental health and it has worked.  Each successive generation has enjoyed better dental hygiene than the one before. After years of study of Grand Rapids compared to other communities, the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council declared this method to be safe and beneficial in November 1951.

National Irish Coffee Day – Whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream are the necessities of life if you wish to make the perfect cup of Irish coffee.
Robert Burns Day – Born on this day in 1759, Robert Burns was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is well-known beyond Scotland's borders because he also wrote in English. His work has endured through the ages as he was voted the greatest Scot by the Scottish people in a television poll. While you might not recognize much of his work, unless you live in Scotland, you have surely heard of “Auld Lang Syne.”

Opposite Day – Here is yet another day that I can't seem to find agreement on. Some think it's celebrated on January 7th, others say it is on January 24th, and still others name today. I think they are just being contrary. But if you choose to celebrate it today, say exactly what you don't mean to say and do exactly what you don't mean to do.

Macintosh Computer Day – This is the 30th Anniversary of the launch of the Apple Macintosh computer. It had a tiny screen, a keyboard, a mouse and only 128 KB of memory, which at the time was a lot but today is less than you would need to store a single picture.  It was revolutionary at the time because it was so different than anything else on the market. Of course, most everything that was happening at that time was pretty revolutionary because technology was growing so fast.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – This day is always on the last Monday in January. If you are a bubble wrap aficionado, you already knew this was coming and you stocked up. I wonder if you are aware that there is now a Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Hall of Fame. Thousands (yes, I said 'thousands') of people have created videos of their favorite inventive ways to use Bubble Wrap. The videos will be judged and the winner will be announced and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame today. You can see some of the videos here.

Better Business Communication Day – Celebrated on the 4th Monday in January, this is a day to work on improving your business communication skills. Communication is vital to businesses so good decisions can be made and I bet all of us could use some work on improving our communication skills.

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