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January 8, 2016

Today we celebrate:

National Joy Germ Day - We all know how contagious germs are.  Well, this is a day to celebrate a germ that you would be happy to catch. The Joy Germ.  This is a day to have fun, laugh, and love the life you have been given.

World Typing Day - Begun in Malaysia in 2011, this is a day to work on improving speed, accuracy and efficiency in our written communications.  To celebrate the day, there is an event in Malaysia that is organized by the Speed Typing Contest Team from Junior Chamber International Mines and Team Typo Auto Corrector that is designed to encourage everybody to type and learn proper English.

National English Toffee Day – Did you know that toffee is mostly sugar and water, so it must be easy to make. Here's a recipe if you want to give it a try today.

Bubble Bath Day – I haven't had a bubble bath in years because I just don’t have that kind of time, but if you can manage it, then today is a great day to relax in a warm tub full of bubbles with a glass of wine. Maybe play a little music and burn a little incense if you like. Just make sure you don't fall asleep.

National Male Watcher's Day – This is a day to celebrate a handsome man. Any handsome man you would like to look at. Instead of women being watched today, it's time to turn the tables and watch the men.

Earth's Rotation Day – Obviously the earth rotates every day, but for some reason, whoever created this day decided we needed to be reminded of that fact and celebrate. Indeed, if the earth ever stopped rotating, we would be in pretty serious trouble.

Show And Tell At Work Day – Why should Kindergarteners have all the fun? Find something interesting that you have done and show and tell your boss and/or coworkers today.

Argyle Day – This is a day to celebrate that pattern of colored diamond shaped blocks on clothing. Fashion is not my forte so I'm not sure if I even have anything in the house that could be considered argyle, but I'll look because today is the day to find something argyle hiding in your closet and wear it for all to see.

Midwife's Day or Women's Day – On this day, women in Greece stop doing housework and instead spend time in cafe's socializing while their husbands do the housework and take care of the kids. The web site I found said that in some villages, men that are found outside are drenched with cold water. I think this is a celebration that needs to come to America so I am starting a movement by telling you all about it. I’m not sure where the Midwife part of the name comes into play.  I’m pretty sure men are not pressed into service as midwives for the day.  At least, I hope not.

War On Poverty Day – On this day in 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared war on poverty during his State of the Union address. His policies resulted in increased support for Roosevelt's policies from decades before as well as starting new welfare programs.  I’m not sure if welfare is the best way to fight poverty since we still have a considerable population that is poor, but I don’t know what the best way is so better minds than mine will have to figure that out some day.

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