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December 11, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Holiday Food Drive For Needy Animals Day - This is a day to gather dog and cat food and deliver it to animal shelters, food banks and Veterinary clinics near you. There are lots of people out there who cannot afford to buy food for their families, let alone their pets, and they rely on donations to keep from starving. Open your hearts and even if you can only donate a little bit, it will help some furry friend who is dependent on humans for their survival.

National Noodle-Ring Day – A noodle ring is dish that was very popular fifty or sixty years ago. It was made by mixing ketchup, eggs, noodles, Worcestershire sauce and cheese and then baking it in a dish shaped like a ring. Then before you serve it you fill the center with something like creamed chicken, vegetables or some such thing. I have never had one and it's not something that we see much of anymore but you can go retro today and make one for your family.

International Mountain Day – Designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003, this is a day to celebrate and encourage sustainable mountain development.

UNICEF Birthday – The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was established by the United Nations after World War II on this day in 1946. The purpose was to provide support to children living in areas devastated by the War. After that problem was solved, UNICEF branched out to include children in other troubled countries and it is still going strong today.

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day – Created by the Compassionate Friends, this is a day for the world to join together and light candles at 7pm local time for one hour to honor all those children who have left us to try to live this life without them. This is believed to be the largest mass candle lighting in the world. This day is celebrated on the second Sunday in December every year since 1997.

World Choral Day – Also celebrated on the second Sunday, this is a day for choirs around the world to join together in song. Thousands of choirs and millions of singers from countries everywhere have participated in this event over the past twenty years in the form of concerts, festivals, sing-a-longs and other events. This years theme for the day is Integration. This day was created by Alberto Grau from the International Federation for Choral Music in 1990 for the purpose of spreading the message of peace by using music to break through political, religious and racial divides and connecting through the beauty of music.

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