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December 24, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Chanukah or Hanukkah - This is a Jewish celebration that begins at sundown this evening and will continue until sundown on January 1st. The first candle on the Menorah is lit at nightfall this evening. On this Holiday, the Jewish people remember their struggle for religious freedom. When they succeeded in their rebellion against the Greeks in 162 BCE, they cleaned and re-dedicated the Temple. They only had enough consecrated oil to keep the lamp burning for one day, but miraculously that tiny bottle lasted for eight days. Which, of course, is the reason why Hanukkah lasts for 8 days.

Super Saturday or Panic Saturday - This is the last Saturday before Christmas and is for those last minute people who are now panicking that they don’t have their shopping done. It’s a major sales day for retailers and is what they consider to be the end of the shopping season.

Last Minute Shopper’s Day - This is it!  The very last chance of finishing your Christmas gift shopping before Christmas. Many stores will offer sales and extended hours to help you in your quest.

Sneak A Peek Day - I know it’s killing you to not know what is in all those packages under your tree. There will inevitably be a few who just can’t wait to find out so they will sneak a peek. Let me just say that those peekers better not live in my house. Apparently this day says that it’s ok to go ahead and peek, but for my children and husband’s information…..we will NOT, under ANY circumstances, be celebrating this day.  

National Egg Nog Day – This is a special holiday beverage that is made with eggs, which you would never have known if I hadn’t told you. The name means 'eggs inside a small cup' and this creamy beverage is commonly mixed with rum, brandy or whiskey.

Christmas Eve – The day before Christmas and an important celebration for Christians. The Jewish people start most of their important celebrations at sundown and it is my understanding that although Christians do not do that for most of their holidays, for this one we adopted the practice many, many years ago. Most Churches have special Christmas Eve services and many people begin their gift giving traditions on this day as well.  

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