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January 18, 2017

Today we celebrate:

National Gourmet Coffee Day - Coffee is a very popular beverage all over the world. Gourmet coffees are pretty easy to get these days but they are more expensive than the general run of the mill kind that I drink. You can get all kinds of different flavors so you can experiment to see what you like best.

Thesaurus Day – Peter Roget was born on this day in 1779. He created (authored, composed, devised, fathered, invented, made) Roget's Thesaurus, which I still use (employ, utilize) periodically (occasionally, sporadically) in my work.

Peking Duck Day – An interesting dish that I didn't really think was food at first. Much to my surprise, it has been a Chinese specialty for more than a thousand years.

National Winnie the Pooh Day – A.A. Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh, was born on this day in 1882. A sweeter, more lovable bear was never created, in my opinion. Winnie the Pooh was a genius creation that has stood the test of time and has been loved by children for almost a hundred years.

National Sanctity of Human Life Day (or Pro-Life Day) – This is a day to spread the idea that life begins at conception and abortion should be prohibited. I know that is a controversial topic and has been for a long time so don't bombard me with messages chastising me for promoting this day or for not saying enough to promote it more. I didn't make it up, I'm just telling you about it. I am not telling you how I feel about it, yea or nay.

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