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November 18, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Married To A Scorpio Support Day – I guess that it must be very interesting to be married to a Scorpio because this is the only birth sign that I have found that has a support day for spouses. Kind of bizarre and if anyone who is married to a Scorpio could enlighten me as to why a support group is needed, I would be grateful. 

Mickey Mouse Day –
On this day in 1928, Steamboat Willie was released for the first time. This is, of course, the beginning for Mickey Mouse....the most famous mouse in the world.

Push-button Phone Day
– On this day in 1963, the push button phone (as opposed to the rotary phones of old – one of which still resides in my parent's house) was officially introduced. And most of us, except for my parents, have never looked back.

Occult Day – This is a day to celebrate the occult. You may do so by visiting your favorite psychic, reading your horoscope, charting your stars or simply reading a book about it.

To celebrate today, watch an old Steamboat Willie cartoon, use your push-button phone to call up someone who is married to a Scorpio and give them some support. While you are doing that, you could tell them their horoscopes for the day.

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