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November 29, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Chocolates Day – Chocolate lovers rejoice! Then run out and get your favorite chocolates to enjoy today.

Black Friday – This is the day that retailers look forward to all year long. This is the day when most retailers make more money than any other day or even week, maybe even month, all year. I bet if you venture out and brave the crowds, you can find some good deals today.

Buy Nothing Day
– I am not a Black Friday shopper, the crowds of people scare me away so I choose to celebrate this day instead. I don't generally go anywhere on this day or spend any money unless I absolutely have to.

Electronic Greetings Day –
This is a day to greet your friends and family with a nice electronic greeting card or email. Like it or not, we are a part of the electronic age and we need to embrace it and participate. 

Flossing Day –
This day is always celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. It is a day to focus on the health of your teeth and gums and right after Thanksgiving when you loaded up on all that good food is a great day to make sure none of it stayed behind in your teeth.

International Day of Solidarity With The Palestinian People –
This day was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1977 for the purpose of encouraging a peaceful resolution to the conflicts in the Middle East.

National Day of Listening –
Celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving, this is a day to really listen to your loved ones. It is the most precious gift that you can give to anyone.

National Native American Heritage Day –
This is a day to acknowledge and honor the rich history and culture of all of the Native American tribes that shaped our nation in so many ways. Some of that history is full of broken promises, violence and injustice and we need to acknowledge that as well as the centuries of strong and enduring history that came before the arrival of our European ancestors.

Sinkie Day – This day is always on the day after Thanksgiving and is celebrated by eating Thanksgiving leftovers over the sink. My daughter asked me why anyone would want to do that and truthfully I'm not sure unless it's that we have had enough of sitting at tables after yesterday's festivities and we don't want to bother cleaning up after ourselves.

Square Dance Day – Square Dancing is a purely American style of dancing that mixes elements from many different countries. It isn't very popular any more but there was a time when everyone knew how to do it. These days you have to find a Square Dancing club to join.

To celebrate today, send electronic greeting cards to all of your friends and family. Then either go shopping or stay home and buy nothing while you pray for a peaceful end to the conflicts in the Middle East. Spend some time listening to your loved ones and celebrate the Native American heritage by inviting the neighborhood over for a Native American party. Before everyone goes home, have everyone perform a Square Dance. Eat dinner over the sink with chocolate for dessert and make sure you floss before you go to bed tonight.

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