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April 15, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Glazed Spiral Ham Day – Well, make sure you have enough time to bake one of these today because this is dinner.

Rubber Eraser Day – My children and I go through erasers at an alarming rate.  Are we the only ones who are so mistake prone?  All I know is that I definitely appreciate my erasers.

Titanic Remembrance Day – This is a day to remember the victims of the Titanic which struck an iceberg on April 14th at 11:40pm and sank on the 15th of 1912 causing the deaths of over 1,500 people.

Income Tax Pay Day – All right American people, if you haven't filed your taxes yet, today is the last day to do so. Get busy with it so you can avoid penalties.

McDonald's Day – On this day in 1955, the first McDonald's franchise opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. While it is not known as the healthiest place to eat, if you want to eat healthy you can choose to do so and have their salads, which are not bad.

Take A Wild Guess Day – This is a day for making guesses, following your gut instinct and trusting your intuition. Go ahead and try it!

That Sucks Day – I'm not a fan of bad language and I contemplated changing the name to That Stinks Day, but then I would be giving you false information so I'm bearing with it in the spirit of the day. This is a day for wallowing in misery and not seeing the good in anything, not a state of being that I am comfortable with, I prefer to be positive but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. It is a bit ironic that this day falls on the same day as Titanic Remembrance Day.

National Librarian Day, National Library Day, National Library Workers Day – This day has a lot of different names but one purpose, which is to celebrate Libraries and everyone who works in them, including the Friends of the Library groups who work hard to help the Libraries fund the programs they have for their patrons.  Libraries are not just places to borrow books for free, although that is a great benefit for book lovers on a limited budget. They are also places for people to access the internet, learn how to use computers, learn how to read, get help with their resumes and job searching and countless other programs that are unique to each library.

To celebrate today, take a wild guess on how much you owe the government in taxes, then see if you’re right when you complete your paperwork and turn it in today.  Make sure you have plenty of erasers so you can correct any mistakes you made because of course you followed my fathers old advice to fill out your tax papers first in pencil, then in pen when you’re sure you have it all correct.  It does stink that you have to pay taxes at all, so to celebrate having that done, get some McDonald’s food for lunch and have a glazed ham for dinner.  Make sure you spend some time at the Library looking up information about the Titanic.

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