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April 3, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Education And Sharing Day – Established by Presidential Proclamation in 1978 and renewed each year since, this day celebrates the birthday of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. The Rabbi was an advocate for youth and for education.

National Chocolate Mousse Day – Rich and creamy, sweet and chocolatey, what could be a better dessert?

Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day – If work is a drag, don't go today. Take a fun day off. If, on the other hand, you have fun at your job or your boss has fun activities planned for today, you don't want to miss out on that.

Tweed Day – You appear to have a choice today. You can either celebrate the fabric called tweed by wearing tweed clothing, or you can celebrate the Senator-turned-crook William “Boss” Tweed who was born on this day in 1823. This famous evil-doer stole up to $200 million from the public, which back in the 1800's was a whole lot more than it is now and even now it’s a lot of money.  He was convicted in 1877 and although he managed to escape once, he was recaptured and shortly after died in jail in 1878.

Find A Rainbow Day – Keep your eye on the skies today and see if you can find a rainbow today. If you just can’t find one, make your own. There are a multitude of rainbow crafts that you can do with your kids. Be creative!

Pony Express Day – On this day in 1860, the Pony Express began operations. As I’m sure you know, the Pony Express delivered mail by horse and rider relay teams.  A braver set of mailmen has never existed in my opinion. The hazards these men endured just to deliver mail were incredible. They cut the time for mail delivery across the country from a month or more to approximately 10 days which was amazing back then.

Weed Out Hate: Sow The Seeds Of Greatness Day – There is far too much hate going around, we need to get rid of it and spread positive feelings and tolerance.

World Party Day or World Singing Day – Begun in 1996, this day is focused on a world wide synchronized celebration hoping to bring about improved social conditions. The idea being that the opposite of war must be a great, big, humongous, party.  Your celebrations can be in the form of a great big party with fireworks, food and music or something quieter with just you and a friend or two having a quiet dinner or anything in between.

Paraprofessional Appreciation Day – A paraprofessional is a person trained to assist a professional. You find them in lots of different organizations like schools, lawyer's offices, doctor's offices, etc. Today, all of you paraprofessionals out there, we appreciate you.

To celebrate today, skip work so you can wear tweed and write letters to all the paraprofessionals you know. Then borrow a pony and be your own pony express while you ride around town delivering your letters.  Sing while you ride and keep your eyes open for rainbows.  Then stop at a school to educate the youth about how to spread positive feelings instead of negative ones.  Finally, celebrate the end of a day well done with a bowl of chocolate mousse.

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