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April 17, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Haiku Poetry Day – Poetry lovers everywhere rejoice! Today is a day to celebrate the Haiku form of poetry.

National Cheeseball Day – My husband loves a good cheeseball to have with his crackers at a party. I'm sure all of you cheese lovers do, too.

Blah, Blah, Blah Day – This is a day to do all the things that you have been asked to do but don't remember because you tuned out the asker and didn't really listen when they gave you the list.  Yeah, that would be my kids.

International Bat Appreciation Day – Created by and sponsored by Bat Conservation International, this is a day to admire everything about bats, including the fact that they eat insects. Consider putting up a bat house in your backyard to help them have a place to live.  This day may be changing to November 1st, I haven’t found out for sure yet.

Ellis Island Family History Day – This day was officially proclaimed by the nation's Governors, “to recognize the achievements and contributions to America by Ellis Island immigrants and their descendents.” This day was first celebrated in 2001 when the American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island was opened. See the history of this day here:

Ford Mustang Day – On this day in 1964, Henry Ford II unveiled the first Ford Mustang at the World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, NY. The same day, they were put up for sale at Ford showrooms around the country and 22,000 were sold. 400,000 were sold within a year.  This year is the 50th anniversary of the Mustang and  you will find celebratory events happening all over the country all month long.

Nothing Like A Dame Day – This is a day to honor the “Dames” of the old movies.  Today you are encouraged to watch and learn from these ladies and to bring out the “Dame” that lies within all of us.

Maundy Thursday - Celebrated on the Thursday before Easter, this is a Christian holy day that remembers the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples.

Support Teen Literature Day – This is a day to celebrate the amazing quality and variety of literature available for teens today.  There is so much more out there for this age group than there was when I was a kid.  I am envious and find I enjoy reading it just as much as my teens do.

Get To Know Your Customers Day – Yes, you're right! We had this day in January already. However, you will see it again twice more this year because it is celebrated on the third Thursday of every quarter as a reminder to business owners about how important it is to know who your customers are and what their needs might be.  Take a customer out to lunch or dinner in order to get to know their needs so that you can better figure out how your business can meet those needs.

National High Five Day – Celebrated on the third Thursday in April, this is a day for saving lives.  Organized by the National High-5-A-Thon for Cancer Research, and similar in spirit to a dance-a-thon or a running event, this is a day for giving high fives to strangers all day long. Register and/or find out more here: http://www.nationalhighfiveproject.

National Ask An Atheist Day – Celebrated on the third Thursday of April, this is a day to ask an atheist anything you want about their beliefs, or rather, unbeliefs. They don't wish to be yelled at or chastised or converted, but will gladly participate in a civilized discussion.

To celebrate today, dress up like a Dame and act like one when you go out to look for Ford Mustangs.  Write a Haiku about cheeseballs and give everyone you see today a high five.  Work on your chore list when you come back, assuming you made one, and then head to Ellis Island to learn more about immigrant history.  Next, go to a Maundy Thursday celebration at church and then go find an atheist customer to take to dinner to talk about his/her beliefs without judgement and to find out what you can do to help them with their business.  Finish up the day by reading one of your teen’s books to see if you like it while you keep your eye out for bats flying around.

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