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July 16, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Corn Fritter Day – When I make corn fritters, which my husband loves, I start out frying them and then finish them in the oven. Some people deep-fry them or just bake them or pan-fry them all the way through. However you like it, enjoy it that way today.  Here’s a recipe you can try if you don’t have one:

National Personal Chef Day – We celebrated this on February 26th as well since there is so much disagreement regarding which day it should be celebrated. I like the idea so much that I think it deserves two celebration days. Who wouldn't want a personal chef to come to their home and make dinner for them?

La Paz Day - La Paz is the capital of Bolivia and celebrates its own Independence Day today.  On this day in 1809, Pedro Domingo Murillo led a revolt of the people of South American or various European heritages against the Spanish rulers.  It took 16 years, but they succeeded. If you go there today, you’ll see parades, fireworks, dancing and music.`

Take Your Poet To Work Day - This seems like an odd thing to celebrate.  What if your favorite poet doesn’t want to go to work with you?  Well, in that case, cut out a picture of your favorite poet, color it if necessary, glue it to a stick and off to work you go.

To celebrate today, ask your personal chef to make some South American style corn fritters for dinner, then head to work with your favorite poet.

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