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July 20, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Anne Hutchinson Memorial Day – Celebrated every July on a Sunday near Anne's baptism day, July 20, 1591. This is a day to honor this incredible woman who had somewhere around 15 children, was a religious leader and spiritual leader for women in Boston. She helped lay the groundwork for the free speech and religious tolerance that we, as American's, hold so dear. It didn't go over so well with the Puritans she lived with at the time. Some consider her to be the first American feminist.

National Lollipop Day – Everybody loves a lollipop. It doesn't seem to matter how old you are, they make you feel young again.

National Ice Cream Day – Celebrated on the third Sunday in July, this day was created by former President Ronald Reagan who saw how popular ice cream was (and still is) in this country. His direction was that this day should be observed with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

Moon Day – This is the fifth annual celebration of space exploration. Find an observatory or museum near you and see if they have any special events, exhibits, and activities today.  This day honors the first time man walked on the moon way back in 1969.

Ugly Truck Day – Although there is some disagreement about whether this day is celebrated today or June 20th, it seemed that the most reliable looking information I found put it on this day. If you have an ugly, old truck sitting in your yard rusting slowly into nothingness, this is the day for you. If it will run, take it out for a drive and show it off today. If it won't run, take a picture of it and show it off to everyone you meet. Maybe you can join an ugly truck competition today. Depending on where you live you probably won't have to look too hard in order to find one.

To celebrate all these things in one day, take a picture of your ugly truck to share with everyone at the ice cream shop while you are getting your ice cream. Then have a lollipop while you look at the moon in the local observatory and contemplate Anne Hutchinson’s life.

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