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November 22, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Humane Society Anniversary Day – Founded on this day in 1954, the Humane Society was created by Fred Myers, Helen Jones, Larry Andrews and Marcia Glaser. In the years since, the Society has made great strides in rescuing animals that are being abused.

Family Volunteer Day – Celebrated on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, this is a day to get your whole family involved in volunteering. Pick your favorite activity whether it's helping your local food pantry, helping at a local homeless shelter, picking up the garbage at your local park or any other worthy cause and get the family working on it today.

International Aura Awareness Day – Celebrated on the fourth Saturday in November, this is a day to become more aware of our human energy, also known as our auras. See if you can figure out what your aura says about you.

National Start Your Own Country Day - The Hallmark people say this was begun in 1939 at the World’s Fair in New York.  I have not been able to confirm that but it sounds like something the World’s Fair people would do.  Starting your own country is a complicated thing to do but I advise you to start with a National Anthem.  Writing a song is difficult but if you can get the right one, it might inspire you to the next step which is creating a National flag and choosing a National animal, flower, bird, etc.

National Adoption Day - Celebrated on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, today we celebrate a day that was begun in 2000 by several organizations including: The Alliance for Children’s Rights, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the Freddie Mac Foundation and the Children’s Action Network.  Thousands and thousands of adoptions from foster care have been finalized on this day over the years and we celebrate both the families who adopt and the children who are adopted.

International Survivors of Suicide Day – Also celebrated on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, this is a day for the friends and family members of those who have died by suicide to join together and share a healing spirit. There will be events happening all over the world for the purpose of uniting these survivors. This day was begun by Senator Harry Reid in 1999 and started out as a National Day but when other countries began celebrating it as well it was changed to an International Day.

Go For A Ride Day – This is a day to de-stress by going out for a ride. It doesn't even matter what you choose to ride. Take your pick of any mode of transportation: car, bus, train, scooter, bicycle, horse, donkey, airplane, elephant...whatever you have handy that will get you from one place to another in a relaxing way.

To celebrate today, take a ride with your adopted family to the nearest Humane Society and volunteer to help them.  Then find someone who can read auras and ask for help interpreting yours before you search out survivors of suicide and share some moral support with them.  Finally, put some thought into how you should start your own country.

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