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November 27, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day – This is a pie that has a cooked egg custard filling in a pie shell with a whipped cream topping. Oh, boy! I want some!  I love Bavarian Cream Donuts and this must be even better!

National Day of Mourning – This is a day of protest for the Native American people. They remember how their ancestors were murdered, lied to, poisoned, demonized and displaced by the people who came to this country after them beginning with the Pilgrims.  Not the finest chapter of our Nation’s history, but one that needs to be acknowledged.

Thanksgiving Day – This is a day for Americans to give thanks. We stuff ourselves to the bursting point with a feast and we thank God for a bountiful harvest and our ability to spend time with the ones we love.

Turkey-free Thanksgiving – And for the vegans, vegetarians, and the turkey dislikers among us,  you absolutely do NOT have to have Turkey today. Have a pork roast or steak or delicious vegetarian or vegan meal instead.

Turtle Adoption Day - This is a day to consider adopting a turtle.  Why would you consider adopting a turtle?  Well, you need to consider that some people are allergic to other animals like cats and dogs.  Turtles don’t make a lot of noise or mess, and…..well, that’s it.  I’m out of good points for turtles.  I would strongly suggest, that if you want to take advantage of this day, make sure you do your research on the turtle you decide to adopt as they have very specific care needs.

Pins and Needles Day – On this day in 1937, a famous play called Pins And Needles opened on Broadway. It is famous because it was the first, and possibly the only, Pro-Labor play at a time when Unions were struggling to get a foothold among the people.

To celebrate everything in one day, eat a turkey free Thanksgiving dinner with your family and your adopted turtle, including some Bavarian Cream Pie with the desserts, while you watch Pins and Needles. There's a revival starring Barbra Streisand if you can't find any recordings of the original. Then tell your children about the true history of Native Americans that they might not learn much about in school history books.

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