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November 26, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Cake Day – We don't often think of cakes at this time of year. Our focus seems to be more along the lines of pies. But cakes are one of the world's favorite desserts and should not be ignored. You can make any kind of cake you want today so pick your favorite and enjoy.

Tie One On Day – I know what this sounds like, but you are incorrect. Today we are tying on an apron and celebrating all the generations of women who came before us. Women over the last several thousands years are best represented by the image of the apron. And in the spirit of all those women who were well known for sharing what they had with those who had less, do something to help someone in need today.  This day is celebrated on the day before Thanksgiving every year.

Celebrating everything in one day is going to be soooo easy. Simply tie on an apron so you can make a cake for someone in need.

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