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February 27, 2015

Today we celebrate:

International Stand Up To Bullying Day - This is a day that is celebrated on the last Friday of February and the third Friday of November in at least 25 countries around the world.  To participate you must sign and wear a pink “pledge shirt”.  It is a day to take a stand against bullying and show support for victims in a non-confrontational way.  It was begun by Travis Price and David Shephard, two students who stood up in defense of a fellow student who was being bullied because he wore a pink shirt to school.  I guess those bullies didn’t realize that red and pink used to be considered male colors because they represented fire and war.  Blue used to be a female color because it represented nurturing and water.

International Polar Bear Day – This is a day to celebrate the existence of this huge bear that can weigh up to 1400 pounds and be as tall as 9 feet. We should focus our attention on the dwindling habitat of the polar bears by doing what we can to conserve energy and reduce the emissions that cause global warming which is shrinking the ice shelf the bears live on more every year. I know what you're thinking....this has been a freezing cold winter, how can there be global warming?....well, tell that to the people who measure the ice shelf.

National Kahlua Day – If you're over 21, feel free to have a kahlua (that's coffee liqueur and rum if you're like me and didn't know.).

No Brainer Day – Don't work your brain too hard today. This is a day for doing things that don't require a lot of thought. Move on autopilot, do the little mindless things that we all have to do anyway and usually end up putting off. You know what I'm talking about, those things like folding laundry and or dusting. See if you can convince your boss that this is a holiday that the whole company should celebrate. Your co-workers will thank you.

National Strawberry Day – Seeds on the outside, sweet juiciness on the inside, it's just a little bit of heaven in a bite-sized morsel. It's even better if you pair it with something unhealthy like whipped cream or chocolate.

Celebrations today are a no-brainer. Wear a pink pledge shirt and conserve energy by turning your heat down a couple of degrees and do not drive anywhere today. Then have some strawberries and Kahlua for dessert.

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