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August 31, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Trail Mix Day – Dried fruit, nuts and sometimes bits of chocolate make up this protein filled snack that is good for a little extra energy when you’re out on the trails.

Eat Outside Day – I hope it's not raining where you live today because it is a day to take your meal outside to eat among nature. Enjoy the chirping of the birds, the breeze, fresh air and bugs.  Try to ignore the bugs if you can, they are not the best part of nature.  When they try to share your meal, however, they can be hard to ignore.

Love Litigating Lawyers Day – Everyone loves to make fun of lawyers, but the fact is that we live in a litigious society and we need lawyers from time to time to be on our side. They are also very helpful when it is time to make a will, buy a house, get a divorce or make a contract of any kind.

International Overdose Awareness Day - This is a day to acknowledge the pain felt by friends and family when someone dies or suffers a permanent injury because of a drug overdose. This is a preventable tragedy, all we need to do is make sure everyone is educated at a young age.  This is not just an American problem.  It happens all over the world in every country.  

We Love Memoirs Day - Created in 2013 by Victoria Tweed and Alan Parks, this is a day for Memoir readers and authors to connect and converse.  They are both authors of memoirs themselves and they have created a community that is welcoming and encouraging.  They discourage authors from pushing their books at the readers so it is a place where new friendships are formed every day across the globe.

To celebrate today, go visit your lawyer and take him/her outside to share some trail mix in the beautiful weather.  Then join the Memoir group and warn them about the dangers of overdosing.

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