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November 13, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Actor’s Day - Today we celebrate the actors and actresses who dedicate their lives to entertain us whether it is on stage, on television, in movies or on the radio.  Life would be very drab without them to spice it up for us.  Some of them are more well known than others, and many of us get a little too involved in the lives of these celebrities. But that too sometimes adds a little interesting flavor to what can be (but hopefully isn’t for you) an otherwise boring life.

National Mom’s and Dad’s Day - This is a day to honor your mom and/or dad.  Some of you may have more than one of each.  This isn’t a day like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day so a gift really isn’t necessary.  But it would be good to call them up and chat, maybe spend some time with them if you can.  I don’t live far from my parents but I still don’t get to see them as often as I would like.  Life is busy and the things you have to do interfere with the things you want to do.  

Birth of the Bab - This is the first of the Twin Holy Days of the Baha’i faith and is celebrated on the first day after the eighth new moon following Naw-Ruz. Naw-Ruz is the Baha’i new year and was celebrated on March 21st.

Domino Day – Celebrated on either the second Friday or the second Saturday of November (so this could be on November 14th instead of or in addition to today), this is a day to play with dominoes. You can play games with your dominoes or you can build elaborate designs by lining up the dominoes upright on their short sides close together so that when you push the first one over, the rest will cascade in a wave effect.  Look up the World Record for Dominos and see if you can even contemplate breaking it.

Sadie Hawkins Day – This is a role reversal day. It's roots were from a Li'l Abner comic strip, where Sadie Hawkins, a 35 year old spinster, had a father who arranged for a foot race where all eligible men were gathered and had to outrun Sadie. Whoever she caught and dragged across the finish line, had to marry her. In real life, of course, the stakes are not so high.  I couldn’t find any instances of any boy being forced to marry a girl because she ran faster and caught him.  There were plenty of forced marriages for other reasons, but that’s a different story.  This is just for fun, you will find some Sadie Hawkins dances where the girls ask the boys to go to the dance or the girls ask the boys out on a date. Have fun, Ladies.

National Indian Pudding Day – This is a day to have some Indian Pudding. I was not able to determine if it means Indian from India pudding or Indian as in Native American pudding. Some sites say one thing, others say another. I did find a recipe that looks pretty good so feel free to try it and tell me what you think.

World Kindness Day – This is a day to make your community and even your world better with at least one act of kindness. Kindness toward others can change the course of someone's life whether you are giving or receiving the kindness. Change someones life today.

Start a Rumor Day - I couldn’t find even a hint of a rumor as to who started this day and why.  But it appears to be a day to start any kind of rumor you want and see how far it can spread.  Just don’t start a rumor that would be hurtful to someone, please.

To celebrate today, go forth and be kind to everyone you meet by sharing your Indian pudding and spreading a rumor that you made it out of real Indians. Then ask an actor on a domino game date at your Mom and Dad’s house where you can tell him all about the birth of the Bab.

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