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November 25, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Blackout Wednesday - Hmmm, I’m not a fan of this day.  Apparently it is traditional among college students or adults who do not have to work on Thanksgiving, to take the day before and drink until they blackout since they will have Thanksgiving to recover.  I will not be celebrating this day because I’m going to be too busy cooking in preparation for tomorrow and I have no desire to be miserably sick tomorrow.  I will remind you that you will not be as able to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal with your family if you are hungover.

National Family Caregivers Day - This is a day to honor, and hopefully help, the people we know who are caregivers for someone in their family. Sometimes this is a spouse of someone in need, or grown children, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles or someone who is even farther away on the family tree.  It is very difficult to do everything that needs to be done for someone in need and still keep your own sanity.  So if you are someone in this position, you have our thoughts and prayers today.  If you know someone in this position, ask if you can do something to help them.  Whether it’s taking over for an hour or more or even a weekend, or simply running some errands for them, I’m sure your help will be gratefully received.

What Do You Love About America Day - Created by some ecard people and celebrated on the day before Thanksgiving, this is a day to think about what you love most about America.  Share your thoughts with others and find out what they love most about America as well.  We live in a great country but frequently take our freedoms, rights and privileges for granted.

International Vegetarian Day – Mostly celebrated in Asian Pacific Rim countries and India, this day celebrates the birth of Sadhu Vaswani. Sadhu Vaswani “is a name synonymous with reverence for all life. Indeed, he was the living embodiment of an unsullied love that knew no bounds, an all-embracing love that included all mankind, animals and all creation.” He was born on this day in 1879. Read about his life here.
International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women – Created in 1999 by the United Nations General Assembly, this day commemorates the three Mirabal sisters who were assassinated in the Dominican Republic on the orders of Rafael Trujillo, the Dominican ruler at the time. The women were political activists fighting against violence. In their honor, the United Nations wants us to spend the day fighting against the discrimination that causes people to perpetuate the murders, assaults, rapes and mutilations of women all over the world.

Shopping Reminder Day – This is a day celebrated worldwide, one month before Christmas, that reminds us that we need to start our holiday shopping. I frankly don't care to be reminded of this kind of holiday stress right before Thanksgiving. But I recognize that some people need the reminder because they need to plan their strategy for Black Friday.

National Parfait Day – We have had some parfait days in the past, but they were specific to a certain flavor. Today you can have any flavor parfait that you want. Enjoy.

Tie One On Day – I know what this sounds like, but you are incorrect. Today we are tying on an apron and celebrating all the generations of women who came before us. Women over the last several thousands years are best represented by the image of the apron. And in the spirit of all those women who were well known for sharing what they had with those who had less, do something to help someone in need today.  This day is celebrated on the day before Thanksgiving every year.

To celebrate today, tie on an apron and teach your kids about respect for women and how to change the world through non-violence over a vegetarian dinner and parfait dessert. Then, plan your holiday shopping strategy before you invite some family caregivers over for to have a break, a drink and a discussion about what you all love about America.

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