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November 2, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Job Action Day - This is a day for everyone out there who is looking for a job or for advancement in their present job. Today we work on connecting workers with experts who can give job search and career advice.

National Deviled Egg Day – My family loves deviled eggs. They are not even that bad for you, as snacks go. They are packed with protein, after all. How bad could they be?

Fill Our Staplers Day – This is a day to go and fill your stapler with staples so you're ready the next time you need to use it. You never think to do that until you run out at just the wrong time. So on this day, which is the day after Daylight Savings Time ends, and in March on the day after Daylight Savings Time begins, go and check the stapler.

All Souls Day – Follows up All Saints Day by celebrating all of the faithful who have become deceased but have not yet been purified and brought to Heaven.

Plan Your Epitaph Day – This is a day for you to decide what you want to have engraved on your headstone when you die. We celebrate this in April as well, I’m not sure why it is on two days a year.  My husband did this many years ago when he was sick with the flu and sure he was going to die. He dictated enough stuff for his headstone that I would have had to have put up a pyramid in order to hold it all. He's still mad at me for not writing it down. “That's right, Honey, you're not going to die so I'm not writing this down. If it's that important, you can write it down yourself later.” Of course, once he got better he forgot everything he said. I think I will not be telling him about this day, he'll just get mad all over again.

Look for Circles Day – This is an interesting day. It is all about looking for circles everywhere you go. What a way to keep the kids occupied today.

Cookie Monster Day - The Cookie Monster, a beloved monster from Sesame Street first appeared on Sesame Street in the very first episode on November 6, 1969.  He wasn’t named until a short while later.  His signature song is, “C is for Cookie”, which is probably a song that many of you could sing at least some of without even thinking about it.  His birthday is today.  We know that because of the book, Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster!  In the story, the Cookie Monster eats the birthday cake before his guests arrive and is left trying to figure out what to feed them.

To celebrate today, appease your soul and plan your epitaph while you make deviled eggs. Then fill your staplers and spend some time looking for a job or promotion.  Finally, use the rest of the day to look for circles while watching old episodes of Sesame Street.

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