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December 14, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Green Monday - Usually celebrated on the second Monday in December, this is another shopping day.  The name as created by eBay to describe its best sales day of the season.  I think most people who shop today are the ones who suddenly realize in a fit of panic that Christmas is coming up very quickly and if they want to order something online, this is kind of their last chance in order to make sure it gets to them before the big day.

National Bouillabaisse Day – Fish stew that originated in Marseilles, France around 600 B.C. While the recipe has changed some over the last 2600 years, one thing has not changed. There has always been a variety of fishes used in the stew, usually 5-7 different types of “bony fish”.

Monkey Day – This is a day for the world to celebrate monkeys and other non-human primates such as lemurs and apes. This day began in 2000 as a joke by Casey Sorrow, an art student, but it has since spread internationally and is now celebrated in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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