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December 4, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Kitten Day - Created by Colleen Paige, a Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate who has created many pet related holidays, this is a day to focus on the millions of unwanted kittens in shelters all over the world.  Cats make excellent pets for busy people because they are generally more independent than dogs and don’t require regular trips outside to use the bathroom since they can use kitty litter.

International Sweater Vestival - Celebrated on the second Friday after Thanksgiving, this is a day to wear a sweater vest to work.  This is a holiday that kind of makes fun of some of the other odd holidays we celebrate.  Knoxville, Tennessee celebrates a day like this in May, but it’s a little too warm for sweater vests then, in my opinion.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day - This is a day to recognize everyone on your team at work that makes it possible for you to do the fantastic job you do at work.  We all depend on others in some way to get our work done.  Make sure the people you work with know how much you appreciate them.

National Cookie Day – It is cookie season! Bakers everywhere rejoice! Although why on earth this is just a one day celebration I have no idea. I usually start baking cookies right after Thanksgiving and don't stop until a few days before Christmas although this year I got an early start and already have a few dozen in my freezer.

National Dice Day – Casinos in Las Vegas, and probably elsewhere as well, celebrate this day by hosting “craps games” and giving free beverages to patrons who win. Dice are one of the oldest gambling devices that we know about. They were originally made out of sheep ankle bones which is why they are sometimes called 'bones'.

Santa's List Day – This is the day that Santa Claus checks his list. I believe that this is the first check, not the second one so if you've been naughty you might still have time to make amends and show Santa that you are working to improve your behavior.  But I wouldn’t delay too long, you’re running out of time.

Wear Brown Shoes Day – This is one of those wacky days that do not seem to have an explanation. I have no idea who created it and why, but all you have to do to celebrate is wear some brown shoes today.

World Wildlife Conservation Day – On this day we work together to protect the wildlife in our areas. There are people who poach or capture wild animals for money and they must be stopped before we run out of wildlife that is actually wild. Take a pledge to “Stop Wildlife Crime” today.

Faux Fur Friday – Faux fur is man made material that resembles animal fur in texture and appearance. It is cheaper than real animal fur and far less devastating to the animals in question. It was first invented in 1929 but has been increasing in popularity because it is very animal friendly. This day is celebrated on the first Friday in December.

Salesperson Day – Also celebrated on the first Friday in December, this is a day to recognize how much we depend on salespeople. They help us decide what we need, answer our endless questions, help us solve problems and offer advice. We depend on them to have all the answers we might ever need so they must keep up to date on the latest technology or fashion which are both constantly changing.  This is different from National Salesperson Day which is the first Friday in March.  Don’t bother asking me how it is different because the only thing I notice is that in March it’s a National day and today it’s just a day.

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