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December 3, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Let’s Hug Day - Hugs can help reduce heart disease, high blood pressure and stress.  That’s more than enough reason to give as many hugs today as you can.  But if you need another one, hugging your significant other can increase their loving feelings toward you, and hugging a friend can make even the most difficult circumstance feel a little bit better.

National Green Bean Casserole Day - This is one of the most popular side dishes and is often served during holiday meals such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Wow.  I guess I have been a poor hostess to my guests.  I haven’t served this dish in many years.  Well, people, now that I know how popular it is, I’ll make sure I add it to the menu for next year.

National Apple Pie Day - As far as we know, the first apple pie recipe was printed by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1391 in England.  So while America is famous for its’ apple pies, they were not created here. But they are still the most popular pie in America.

Make a Gift Day - This is a day that I can get into. Today, instead of buying things to give for gifts for your family and friends, this is a day to make something.  I intend to make some special breads for the people on my list.  When you make something, it is more meaningful as a gift because one of the things you put into it is your love.

International Day of Persons With DisabilitiesThis is a day to support the 15 percent of the world's population who live with some kind of disability. The theme for this year’s celebration is, “Inclusion matters: access and empowerment of people of all abilities”.

National Roof Over Your Head Day – This is a day to appreciate the roof we have over our heads. Life would be pretty miserable without the comfort of things like shelter and warm clothing so take some time to appreciate the things that we have today.

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