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August 6, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Corporate Baby Name Day - There are actually people in this world who will sell the right to name their baby to a corporation. I can’t quite imagine it. I wouldn’t do that, who knows what you might end up with. You might get a baby named Toyota or Pillsbury. Well, not in my family.

National Gossip Day - Louella Parsons was born on this day in 1881. You have probably never heard of her, although she lived until 1972, so I will enlighten you a bit. She was the first American movie columnist. She wrote columns that were essentially gossip columns which that were published in 400 newspapers all around the world and read by 20 million people. She was unofficially known as the Queen of Hollywood. I don’t normally encourage gossip of any kind. But today you have no choice. Share with a friend some juicy gossip about celebrities or people you actually know.

National Root Beer Float Day – This day is celebrated by A&W which is offering free root beer floats at your local A&W Restaurants from 2pm until closing. They will be collecting donations that will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. So if you have an A&W Restaurant near you, stop in and enjoy.

Hiroshima Day – On this day in 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in Japan. It's hard for me to wrap my head around how devastating that was for Japan. We were at war with them at the time and although this event contributed to ending the war, the cost and the pain it inflicted is unimaginable for me. I sincerely hope that no one ever discharges another nuclear bomb anywhere ever again.

Wiggle Your Toes Day – This is a day for feet. I don't know who created this day but it's a fun one. Kick off your shoes and wiggle your toes today. It's even better if you have something to wiggle them in like sand or jello.

National Fresh Breath (Halitosis) Day - How is the smell of your breath? Does it smell like you just woke up? Or does it smell like you just brushed your teeth? This is a day to educate the public on the importance of fresh breath. If you have bad breath, no one wants to talk to you or spend time with you. If you have chronic bad breath, check with your dentist because it can also correlate to other health problems you might be having and not even know about.

Taxpayer Appreciation Day - Celebrated on the first Saturday in August, this is a day to appreciate the taxpayers in your area for making your local, state and federal government programs possible. Beyond that, I have no idea if this day means anything else.

National Mustard Day – Celebrated on the first Saturday of August, this is a day to eat lots and lots of mustard. There is surprisingly, to me anyway, a Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin that has a whole mustard themed day planned for today with free hot dogs, music, games, etc. They use this event to raise money for a worthy charity.

Mead Day - Mead is a beverage that is easy to make as long as you have all the equipment necessary to make beer. It is sometimes called “honey wine” and can come in a variety of flavors. I’ve never tried it myself, but I’d be willing to have a taste, being over 21 and all. If you are also over 21, feel free to find some and give it a try.

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