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August 7, 2016

Today we celebrate:

American Family Day - Devised by John Makkai, and created by proclamation by Arizona Governor Raul Hector Castro in 1977, then signed into law by Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt the next year, this is a day to celebrate families by spending time with them. You are not encouraged, and indeed are actively discouraged from spending money on gifts for your family members. This is not that kind of day. You are to show your family that you love them by doing things with them and showing your love through your actions, not your wallet.

Beach Party Day - This is a great day to have a beach party, especially if you live near a beach. It doesn’t even have to be an ocean beach, if you live near a lake with a beach, have a party today. Beat the heat by taking a water break with your family and friends.

National Sea Serpent Day - On This day in 1848, the men on the ship HMS Daedalus saw a sea serpent. They were traveling to Saint Helena and saw a 60 foot long creature with a head that had a kind of mane. This is not the first time someone has claimed to see a sea serpent, and most of those sightings can be explained away by mistaken identity. It can be difficult to identify sea life, when most of it is underwater. But others cannot. Are there really sea serpents out there? Hard to know and especially these days with the photoshopping capabilities we all have readily available, hard to believe even with photographic evidence.

Raspberries 'n Cream Day – Raspberries mixed with cream. Light, summery and delicious.

Professional Speakers Day – This is a day to celebrate the professionals who use their public speaking skills to help people. Not everyone is comfortable talking in front of large groups of people. So those who are, and are very good at it, can accomplish a great deal for a good cause. My husband is one of those people who is very comfortable speaking to any size group. I, on the other hand, am only comfortable speaking in front of a large group of 1 to 3 people. Fortunately for me, my husband is a very accommodating person and he has agreed to deliver his own eulogy at his funeral when the time comes. I don’t know how he is going to do that, but he’s a smart man so I have faith that he will figure it out.

National Lighthouse Day – On this day in 1789, Congress approved an Act that established lighthouses, beacons, buoys and public piers. Two hundred years later, Congress established National Lighthouse Day to celebrate these structures, many of which are still used today and allow our waters to be safely navigated.

Purple Heart Appreciation Day – This is a day to celebrate the 232nd Anniversary of the Badge of Military Merit (which came into existence by order of General George Washington) which inspired the creation of the Purple Heart we use today.

National Doll Day – Celebrated on the first Sunday in August, this is a day to play with your dolls. Have a tea party with them and whomever else you would like to invite, or you can throw a doll party. Have all of your friends come and bring their dolls.

Friendship Day - Another first Sunday in August celebration, this one has been around since 1935 and is all about honoring your friends. The day has gone international even though the name doesn’t say so. But as far as I can tell, people in all countries of the world have friends and Heaven knows that our friends are very important to us so I can’t think of anyone who would complain about celebrating them today.

Sister's Day – Also on the first Sunday in August, this is a day to show your sister how much you love and appreciate her. This is more for non-adolescent siblings because I happen to know that if adolescents happen to have a sister, they are more likely to want to pull her hair and kick her in the face than they are to appreciate her. The older you get, the more family means to you. My sister and I have always loved each other, but we started being friends when we were teenagers and that love has only deepened with age. Not that there has been that much age, mind you. Not trying to say that we are old or anything, because we are definitely NOT.

National Kids Day - This day was created by KidsPeace in 1994 and has been recognized by the United States Congress. It is yet another day that is celebrated on the first Sunday in August and it is meant to “encourage adults to spend meaningful time with America’s children, and to celebrate their inherent worth and value.”

International Forgiveness Day – Created seventeen years ago by the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance, an organization dedicated to spreading the “healing spirit of Forgiveness worldwide”, this is a day to forgive everyone you might be upset with in any way. It is a great way to reduce your stress and depression and make you a much happier person. It’s not about the person you are forgiving, it’s about you and the benefits you get from releasing your anger/upset/pain. This day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August along with all the others above.

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