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September 26, 2016

Today we celebrate:

European Day of Languages - This is a day to celebrate the diverse languages that span our globe. We are encouraged by the Council of Europe (who created this day in 2001) to learn a new language no matter how old you are. The more people who know more than one language, the easier it will be for different countries and cultures to understand each other.

National Better Breakfast Day - This is a day that I can really get behind. A day to have a better breakfast. I always have a good breakfast because no one wants me to be cranky in the morning. However, my children rarely eat it. I have given up badgering them about it because if I make them eat breakfast before they go off to school at that horrifically early hour (their words, not mine), they get sick. So, since they usually get lunch long before noon, I let it slide on school days. However, it bothers me that they don’t eat because I know that their brains will work much better if they have a good breakfast in their bodies.

World Contraception Day - This is a day to spread the message about keeping yourself safe when you share yourself with someone else. I can’t talk too frankly about this because I have to be cognizant of my audience. But everyone should want to avoid STD’s and unwanted pregnancies which is a huge problem all over the world. So many diseases could be avoided if you just practice abstinence until you are married and you use contraception until you are sure your partner is free of disease and until you are ready to have babies.

Johnny Appleseed Day – Born on this day in 1774, this is a day to celebrate John Chapman who was known by many as Johnny Appleseed. He was responsible for introducing apple trees to parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia and Indiana. He became a legend in this country, even before he died in 1845, mostly because of his conservation skills and his kind and generous way of life.

National Pancake Day – This is not the IHOP Pancake Day that we celebrated back in February, and it is not associated with the “pancake race” that is held every year in England (check back in April for more on this fascinating tradition). This is simply a food holiday that just happens to fall on this day. Have some pancakes for breakfast today.

Love Note Day - This is a day to get out the paper and pen and write a love note to the one you love. No texting, emailing or tweeting. That will just not count today. Paper and pen is the only way to go, but it doesn’t have to be long in order to be heartfelt. I promise you that your loved one will absolutely love to receive this from you.

Shamu the Whale Day - Shamu is the trademarked name given to various orca whales that perform at several of the SeaWorld parks. There is a lot of controversy right now regarding the captivity of these whales and several trainers have been injured or killed because the whales are wild creatures who cannot always be controlled the way the SeaWorld people would like them to be.

Lumberjack Day – Created in 2005 by Marianne Ways and Colleen AF Venable, this is a day to behave like a lumberjack if you know what that type of behavior consists of. Apparently lumberjacks eat a lot of pancakes, talk differently and carry an ax wherever they go. Good luck with that.

Family Day - Created by CASAColumbia for the purpose of reducing substance abuse in children and teens by helping parents become more engaged in the lives of their children. It is celebrated on the fourth Monday in September beginning in 2001 by telling parents about the importance of regular family dinners. It has since grown from there with more ideas about how to keep the communication open with your children. On the website, there is a pledge that you can make to spend time with your kids, talk to them about anything and everything, answer their questions and recognize the power you have to influence them.

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