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September 5, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Labor Day – Celebrated on the first Monday in September, this is a day to celebrate workers of all kinds. Most businesses have this day off except for vital services such as hospitals, police and shopping malls. The rest of us celebrate the contributions of workers on an economic and social level.

National Cheese Pizza Day – Who doesn't love pizza? I like to have sausage on mine, but most kids seem to prefer cheese pizza which is okay in a pinch, in my opinion. I am definitely not one of those “everything but the kitchen sink on my pizza” people and I don’t even want to be in the same room as an anchovy.

Be Late For Something Day – We all have schedules to follow and we seem to live by the clock. Today is a day to be late for something. If you can, just throw out your schedule completely. If that won't work for you, then try just being late for one thing.

National Shrink Day - This is a day to be thankful for the psychiatrists and psychologists who keep our mental state on an even keel. It is celebrated today because on this day in 1929, Bob Newhart was born in Chicago, Illinois. The young people are confused by this now, but people closer to my age and older will remember that Bob Newhart is an actor who is known for portraying a shrink on the Bob Newhart Show way back in the day.

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