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February 17, 2017

Today we celebrate:

National Cafe Au Lait Day - This is a French coffee style consisting of coffee and hot milk. It is usually prepared in an espresso machine in Europe, but in the US, it is typically made with a French press. I’m not sure why there is a difference. Maybe espresso machines are more prevalent in Europe and French presses are more common here?

National Public Science Day - This is a day to raise awareness of the importance of science in education in this country and every other country on the earth. We must do what we can to foster enthusiasm for all the sciences in our children so we have a new bunch of scientists every year with new energy and new ideas to try.

My Way Day – Do you have trouble with people trying to tell you what to do or trying to get you to change the way you do things? I certainly do. Well, today you can tell them to stuff it because you're doing things MY way. I mean, YOUR way. Oh, you know what I mean.

National PTA Founders Day – The PTA was founded on this day in 1897, although it was originally called the National Congress of Mothers. It was created by Alice Birney and Phoebe Hearst to support parental involvement in the education of children and has been going strong ever since.

National Cabbage Day - There are many different kinds of cabbages in many different colors. Pick your favorite and cook with it today.

World Human Spirit Day – We celebrate this day by silently meditating for 2 minutes at 3pm EST in order to come together with the rest of the world with our minds and spirits and celebrate our connection with the rest of the human race. Our goal is supposed to be to request peace and harmony and healing in the world. The more people participate, the greater the connection will be. The people who created it in 2003 say that as you meditate together, there will hopefully be enough people doing it at the same time that you will be able to feel a connection to the rest of the world.

National Champion Crab Races Day – I was astounded to discover that there is a National Crab Racing Association. These are people who race hermit crabs professionally. I'm not sure whether the hermit crabs are also considered professionals. But if you and your friends have some hermit crabs, consider having a race today.

Random Acts Of Kindness Day – This is the wrap up to Random Acts Of Kindness Week. Find something nice to do for someone or maybe even multiple someones. Don't wait to be asked, and don't wait around for thanks. Strike fast, do good, and be gone. Hopefully it will be contagious. The creator of this day is Josh de Jong, a New Zealander, I think.

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