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February 20, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Washington's Birthday – A United States Federal holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday of February, this is a day to honor our first President, George Washington. Some states have combined this day with Abraham Lincoln's birthday to make...

President's Day – A day to celebrate our past Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington in a combined celebration. Not all states combine the days like this so if you live in a state that has individual Lincoln and Washington days, please feel free to ignore this one.

Clean Out Your Bookcase Day - If you are like me, you love books and so you tend to collect them. Which is great except that your bookcase runs out of room. So this is the day to clean it out. Donate some books to your local library or a nursing home or bring them to a used book store to get some credit against some more books you can use to fill up your bookcase again.

Love Your Pet Day – Today is an easy day to celebrate. I think most of us already love our pets, but today give them a little extra. It doesn't matter if you have a dog or cat or fish or hermit crab or snake or elephant or even (shudder) a rat. Make sure they know how much you care about them today.

World Day For Social Justice – This is a new holiday established by the United Nations in 2007 and begun in 2009. Social justice is all about eliminating gender, age, culture, disability, race, religion and ethnic discrimination (along with any other kind of discrimination that I neglected to name). This is something that we can all work on in our own little worlds by teaching our children tolerance for others and then practicing ourselves what we just preached to our children.

National Day of Solidarity With Muslim, Arab and South Asian Immigrants - This day was created shortly after 9/11 when Muslims, Arabs and South Asians were frequently jailed without justification or legal representation because America was racially profiling in an effort to find any more terrorists in this country before they could strike again. While I understand why they felt the need for racial profiling, since they believed the majority of terrorists would be of those races they targeted, it is a practice that condemns a lot of innocent people. We need to stand together, not just as a country or a race, but as a world to fight against terrorism.

National Handcuff Day – On this day in 1912, a patent was issued to George A. Carney for a “swinging bow ratchet-type” adjustable handcuff. Before this invention, handcuffs were heavy and bulky and awkward to use. This new style was light and easy and always ready to be used in an instant. Handcuffs used today have had some minor modifications but they still use the same swing through design that Mr. Carney created. They are very efficient, but I have never heard anyone claim that they are comfortable for the wearer so I’m not planning on doing anything that might cause me to have to examine them in person.

National Cherry Pie Day – Grab a piece of cherry pie today and enjoy that sweet cherry filling surrounded by a flaky, tender, melt in your mouth crust.  

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