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January 16, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Tu B'shuvat – This is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the beginning of a new year for trees. Early blooming trees in Israel will wake from their winter sleep and begin their new growth cycle. It seems a little hard to understand for me in the Northeast of the United States where my trees are still covered in icicles but I guess the weather in Israel is a little different.

National Fig Newton Day – Created by Charlie Roser, a cookie maker from Ohio, who sold his creation to Kennedy Biscuit Works, which later became Nabisco. In 1891, James Henry Mitchell invented a funnel within a funnel device which allowed the Newton's (as they were originally named after the town of Newton nearby the factory) to become mass produced.

National Nothing Day- Interestingly enough, this day was suggested in 1972 by Harold Pullman Coffin, who clearly was tired of celebrating something every day even back then when there weren't nearly as many things to celebrate as there are today. So today is a day to not celebrate anything. So tough luck if your birthday is today, we are not celebrating it.

International Hot And Spicy Food Day – Do you have an international dish that is hot and spicy? If so, today is the day to make it for lunch or dinner.

Appreciate A Dragon Day – Donita K. Paul created this day to promote the release of her book, Dragonspell, in 2004. Read about some of your favorite dragons today.

Get to Know Your Customers Day - No business could survive without customers. So this is a day for business owners to get to know their customers so they can serve them better. Appreciate your customers for their desire to give you their business. Yes, even the annoying ones. This day occurs three more times this year, once each quarter.

Religious Freedom Day – Today celebrates the adoption, by the Virginia General Assembly, of Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom on this day in 1786. This became the basis for the First Amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing our right to have the freedom to practice any religion we choose.

Women in Blue Jeans Day – This day celebrates the women of rural America who wear jeans and work boots to work every day. There is a conference taking place today in South Dakota for women in blue jeans to come together to relax, learn and meet new people. It's too late to register for this year, but they do it every year so keep it in mind for next year.

To celebrate today you have to make a choice. If you decide to celebrate National Nothing Day, you cannot celebrate anything else. If you decide to celebrate the rest, you cannot celebrate National Nothing Day. I'm sorry, that's just the way it has to be. For those of you in a more celebratory spirit, wear blue jeans while you get to know a little more about the customers who come into your stores today. Feel free to ask them about their religious beliefs. Then read a book about dragons while you eat some Fig Newtons. Finally, eat some international hot and spicy food while you look at pictures of trees in Israel.

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