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January 31, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Backwards Day – This is not the same as Opposite Day which we just celebrated a few days ago. This is a day to do everything backwards. Walk backwards, wear your clothes backwards and talk backwards if you can manage it. .taht od ot elba ton ma I .sdrawkcab epyt nac I tuB

Brandy Alexander Day – Brandy Alexander is not a person, it's a beverage. More specifically, it's a cocktail made from cognac, cream and crème de cacao. I've never tried it but if I can find some cognac and crème de cacao, I'd be willing to give it a sip to see what it tastes like.

Chinese New Year – This is my younger daughter's year. The year of the Horse begins today and will last until February 18, 2015. Yeah, that is a little longer than a year which confuses me too, but as long as the Chinese know what's up, who am I to judge. And in case you are wondering, some Chinese years are a little shorter than a year so it all evens out somehow.

Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day – For those of you who receive Social Security checks, this is a day to appreciate them. I think it's odd that we have a day like this since I'm pretty sure that everyone who gets social security is pretty appreciative of it. Especially since you probably paid into it for years and years.

National Pre-school Fitness Day – Celebrated on the last Friday of January, this is a day to get those little people into the exercise habit. Get those little arms lifting those weights, take them jogging with you, train them to swim a couple of miles. They're little but strong, they can do it! Right after their afternoon snooze.

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – This is a day to appreciate art and its' ability to inspire us. Today you need to find some art that inspires your heart to some romantic and/or loving feelings.

To celebrate today, drink a Brandy Alexander and walk backwards through an art museum while you look for something that inspires your heart. Then appreciate the Social Security check that enables you to pay for the gym membership so you can take your pre-schooler for a workout while you watch the Chinese New Year celebrations on television.

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