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October 14, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Bald and Free Day - This is a day to take off your hat or scarf and flaunt whatever you have, or don’t have, on top of your head.  Don’t let thinning or missing hair make you feel uncomfortable.  You are beautiful just the way you are.

National Face Your Fears Day – Celebrated on the second Tuesday in October, this is a day to face and overcome whatever you might be afraid of. Do a little self introspection and think about what you are most afraid of and then come up with a way to face it today.

National Dessert Day – This is a good day that I think everyone will enjoy. We celebrate it by having some kind of dessert today. Which dessert you have is totally up to you.  So many could take me all day to decide.

National Chocolate Covered Insects Day – OK, I'll just say this right out front. I will not be celebrating this one because I am disgusted just thinking about it. If you are a brave soul, go ahead and cover some insects with chocolate and chow down....without me.

national lowercase day - this is a day to ignore the rules about capitalizing names, places, the first letter of a sentence…and all the other capitalization rules that are occasionally hard to remember.  just skip it all today and see who notices.  in this day of texting odd combinations of numbers and letters and lack of punctuation, maybe no one will notice at all.

to celebrate everything in one day, take off your hat and keep everything lowercase as you face your fears and eat some chocolate covered insects for dessert tonight.

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