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October 5, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Do Something Nice Day – This is a day to be nice to someone without being asked to. This does not count as me asking you to. You need to do it because you want to. This is sometimes called a random act of kindness or paying it forward. Call it what you want, just do it today.

National Apple Betty Day – This was something we would have for dessert all the time when I was a kid. I think I need to make it more often for my kids. There's a recipe here that looks pretty good:

World Teachers Day – There are Teacher's Days that are localized and celebrated in different countries at different times (mostly because they are honoring the birth of someone specific to their area), but this is the only Worldwide Teacher's Day. I know it's Sunday today, but if you know any teachers personally, give them a call today.

Change A Light Day – This is a day to make a change for the good of the environment. Change at least one of your old light bulbs to one of the new energy efficient light bulbs. Even though they tend to be more expensive than the old bulbs, they will end up saving you money over the long term.

World Communion Day - Celebrated on the first Sunday in October, this is a day for Christians all over the world to come together in faith to remember and affirm Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church.

Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day – Celebrated on the first Sunday in October, this is a day to celebrate inns, innkeepers and visitors to Bed & Breakfasts in North America. Some of them celebrate this weekend with special rates so if you happen to be enjoying a B&B today, ask about that.

To celebrate today, change a light bulb before you head to church for Communion.  Then do something nice and invite a teacher to come with you to a local bed and breakfast that also serves dinner and ask for some Apple Betty for dessert.

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