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October 8, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Sukkot – A Jewish holiday that lasts for seven days. It begins this evening at sundown and ends at sundown on the 15th. For the first two days, work is not allowed. For the last five days, work is allowed but there are restrictions. This holiday is celebrated with pilgrimages, and special blessings and it is intended that people will remember the sukkah, which is the tent structure that the Israelites used for shelter during their 40 years of traveling in the desert after their freedom from slavery in Egypt.

Alvin C. York Day – On this day in 1918, Sergeant Alvin C. York was separated from his patrol unit in France and single-handedly killed 20 enemy soldiers and captured a hill, 132 enemy soldiers and 35 machine guns. He was awarded the US Medal of Honor and the French Croix de Guerre. Oddly enough, he had attempted to evade the draft by way of being a conscientious objector, but the military didn't allow it.

Cephalopod Awareness Day – Established in 2007 by the Octopus News Magazine Online form. It is a day to appreciate animals with 8 or 10 appendages or arms. This is why the 8th day of the 10th month was selected for the celebration. It is sometimes known as Octopus Day.

National Fluffernutter Day – You have not lived until you have had a fluffernutter. Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff together in a sandwich. A little bit of heaven in your hand.

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction – Celebrated on the second Wednesday in October, this is a day to participate in improving the disaster preparedness of your community. Disasters are happening at an increased rate these days and as far as I can tell, there is no part of the country that is safe. So find out what you need to do to be prepared and help your community to be prepared as well.

National Stop Bullying Day - We just celebrated World Bullying Day a few days ago.  This one is just for the U.S. but the idea is still the same.  Teach children how to recognize a bullying situation, what to do when you see someone being bullied and how to take a stand against someone who is acting like a bully.

International Top Spinning DayThis is a day for spinning tops. There is actually a museum dedicated to spinning tops and yo-yo's in Burlington, Wisconsin. Who'd have imagined it. People all over the world participate in this special day.

Emergency Nurses Day – Celebrated on the Wednesday of the first full week in October, this is a day to celebrate the dedicated and hardworking nurses who work in our Emergency Rooms. Our health system would not work without them.

To celebrate everything in one day, figure out your natural disaster survival plan before you take fluffernutters to the nurses at the nearest Emergency room where you can tell them all about Sgt. York and your experience with bullies.  Then take your spinning top to an Aquarium to go visit the cephalopods before your two days of rest begin at sundown.

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