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October 25, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day – I am not a horror movie fan, but I know that many of you are so you can celebrate this day without me.  All I know about Chucky came from the little bits and pieces I have seen on advertisements and heard from people who felt the need to educate me.  Then, while researching this day, I read a brief summary of all of the movies and that is all I needed to give me nightmares and make me get rid of all the dolls in my house.  My daughters weren’t too happy about that but you have to do what you have to do in order to sleep at night.

International Artist Day – This is a day to support the artists of the world.  There are so many different kinds of art and different kinds of artists that it is amazing to contemplate.  It’s not all about paintings and sculptures that you find in museums.  I recently learned of an artist that makes pictures by burning paper into different patterns.  She does some beautiful work. Take a look at the bridge in this picture. It proves that art can also serve a practical purpose. Artists bring huge contributions to our society and not just in a visual way.  What would we listen to if it were not for artists?  The plain truth is that without art, this would be a very dull, quiet and colorless world. Do something to support an artist today.

Sourest Day – This is a day for sour people, sour candy, or sour food. It is supposed to emphasize the balance of nature. I don't particularly understand that thought, and too much sour food makes my tongue hurt, but my son really enjoys it so I guess he will enjoy celebrating today.

World Pasta Day – Celebrated since 1995, and created by the World Pasta Congress (who knew that there even WAS a World Pasta Congress?), this is a day to honor the creation of pasta way back in 5,000 B.C, give or take a few years. With over 600 different shapes and sizes, I think you should be able to find one you've never had before and give it a try.

Make A Difference Day – This is a day that is celebrated on the last Saturday of October, and is a day to make a difference in someone's a good way. I figured that I probably better throw that last part in there just in case there was a question in your mind.  Think about what you can do to make someone’s life better today.

Pumpkin Day – Always celebrated on the Saturday before Halloween, this is a day to utilize pumpkins in any way you see fit. You can cook with pumpkin, burn candles that smell like pumpkin, or decorate with pumpkins. I’m not thinking of too many other options so if you do, let me know.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day – This is a day to promote the truth about pit bulls. Pit bulls have a very bad image these days but the truth is that not all pit bulls are as vicious as the ones you hear about on the news. Most of them are wonderful family dogs who would never hurt anyone. Do your research and find out the truth before you make any decisions about them.

National Greasy Foods Day – We all try to eat healthy most of the time, I’m sure.  That means eating lots of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, cooked in healthy ways. Well, throw all of that out the window for today and load up on nothing but greasy food. You don't get to do this very often, so jump at the chance today.  Fast food, here we come!

To celebrate today, make a difference by spreading the word that pit bulls are not as bad as they are made out to be.  Then share some greasy pasta with an artist while you carve pumpkins and eat sour candy.  Finally, this evening, watch one of Chucky’s movies if you can tolerate that kind of thing right before bed.

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