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February 25, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Let’s All Eat Right Day - Born on this day in 1904, Adelle Davis was a nutritionist who wrote a series of books about healthy living. She spoke out against processed foods and in favor of nutritional supplements as a way to avoid diseases or get healthy faster after being sick.

Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day – This is a day to introduce the girls in your life to the field of Engineering. We need to teach our girls that men are not the only ones who can be engineers. Women can be just as successful and innovative.

Quiet Day - This is a day to focus on the noise level around you. Turn down the volume on everything you can control and try to bring some quiet to your day.  Maybe even turn the volume off and really bask in the quiet that you have the power to create. I think you will find it more restful than constantly being bombarded with sound waves.

National Chili Day – Celebrated on the last Thursday in February, this is a day for chili. I don't think it matters if it's red chili or white chili. It's the perfect winter meal and can be made meatless, or beanless, spicy or not depending on your preferences. My husband makes a three bean venison chili that, in my personal opinion, is out of this world. Venison is not super popular so I’ll include a good recipe here but not a venison recipe. Although if you have some available, feel free to substitute.

National Clam Chowder Day – We had National New England Clam Chowder Day back in January, but today it doesn't matter if you like your clam chowder white or red. You can even have one for lunch and the other for dinner if you like both.

National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day – Assuming you don't have allergies to nuts or chocolate, this is a heavenly day for you. Any kind of nuts and any kind of chocolate will do. You can make your own or buy your favorites. A lot of people like the M&M chocolate covered nuts but those are definitely not the only kind out there.

National Pistol Patent Day – On this day in 1836, Samuel Colt (1814 – 1862) received his patent for a “revolving gun”. When he was a child, he would hear soldiers talking about their experiences with various firearms and how it was impossible for a gun to shoot five or six times without reloading. So at a young age he decided that he wanted to create the impossible gun. When he was 16, he got the idea for his revolver by watching a ship's wheel spinning.

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