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February 5, 2016

Today we celebrate:

National Weatherperson's Day – This day recognizes the contributions of meteorologists all over the country, along with volunteer storm spotters and observers, who work hard to make sure we are not caught unawares when bad weather strikes. My favorite weatherpeople for the Hudson Valley in New York are Alex and Bill at . I don't know how they do it but they are more accurate than any weatherpeople on the news that I've ever seen.

Western Monarch Day – Established by the California state legislature in 2004, this day celebrates the return of the Monarch butterfly to the central coast of California where they spend the winter.

World Nutella Day – This is a day to have some of this delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread, you can put this stuff on almost anything and it will taste good.

National Chocolate Fondue Day – Almost everyone loves chocolate covered food of all kinds. I know this because I conducted a poll in my house. Get out that fondue pot you know you've got stashed somewhere and make some fondue to dip your food in today.

Wear Red Day – This is a day to raise awareness that heart disease is the number one killer of women and many times can be prevented if you know the signs. But educate yourselves because the signs of heart disease in women and men are different.

Give Kids A Smile Day – Dental organizations all over the country have designated this to be a day to focus on teeth. Many dentists will give free examinations to kids today so call up your dentist to see if he/she is participating.  This day is celebrated on the first Friday in February.

Bubble Gum Day – As far as my children are concerned, every day should be bubble gum day. However, today is actually all about using bubble gum as a fun fundraiser. The basic idea is that children who pay 50 cents or more are allowed to chew gum at school or at a library or some other business. The money goes to whatever non-profit association the business/school/library has chosen to give it to.

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